Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here, Now, Today!

This is what the sky looked like right above the Gulf Water Blessing that Dr Emoto and my friend Kumari did for the damage to the water and the animals in the Gulf due to the oil spill.
We spent a delightful day hearing them both speak before we went to pass-e-grill for the blessing. The sky turned dark gray and black, but right above us this was the incredible picture. I wanted to share that moment with you. That was a day that I won't soon forget!
Updates on Eli!
He is still getting big!
He has monsterous paws, well okay not monsterous, but large anyway.
He loves people.
He loves stuffed animals and the snowy fuzz they contain as he gleefully
deposits it around the floor of our house.
He deals with baths, but they are not his favorite.
He pushes people with his nose when they walk through his penned area.
(I'm beginning to think he is coralling everyone.)

Most of all though he is my teacher and my friend.
Being a student of energy for going on 20 years now...
This little guy has taught me more about
being in the now moment than any teacher or technique.
In the study I have embarked on reading Cesar Millan training books
and watching his National Geographic show,
I have witnessed time and again the power of the moment of now.
Eli teaches me each day about being in the now,
it is so simple for me to understand.
Dogs take this day and this moment, they don't worry or fret over the future or the past.
If their owner is fretting the dog becomes an immediate and direct mirror
for the energy of that thought process by pulling on the leash, getting excited and jumping at people, barking uncontrollably.
"The human is un-grounded!!!"
the dogs
scream with their behavior,
what tattle tails!
Eli simply yanks on the leash as if he has somewhere to get to,
pulling me along,
my focus in the beginning was that I needed to get him under control; but the reality was that even during a simple walk,
in some parts of myself I was out of control, in the future or in the past;
but certainly not in the now.
I have had incredible opportunities to learn about Reiki Energy
during our walks.
Eli never lies to me about me.
For years I thought about how wonderful it was for dogs to put their trust in the humans,
what I have learned is that I must place
trust in Eli on an equal level,
our relationship is symbiotic. Even though he looks to me to provide
for his needs and safety,
I rely on him for his companionship and protection.

He is still young, infact he will be 5 months old tomorrow!
I am happy to have the opportunity to share my life and time with such a noble companion!
I look forward to more lessons with
Master Elijah of the Crystal Waters....
Thats his big long name
sounds fancy doesn't it?