Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The morning I took this picture I was in need of inspiration. I found it in the breeze, watching the cattle, the way the dew speckled the grass on the ground... I have been enthralled with photographs of spider webs decorated with the morning dew. After walking and breathing for a bit, I sat down to journal some very important things about my coming new year and the me I have decided to be. I practiced Qi Gong for the first time in months, and emotion bubbled up from the depths of my soul... once again I had become enmeshed in the wants and desires of others over my own. Once again making excuses why the needs and wants of my family seemed to over shadow the pure heart that beats to be a light bearer of this world.
I gave myself permission then to journal the bad... and then uplift it to the true lessons... to search within the words and feelings to find only the truth and the places where I had been blocking my own light or goodness. We all find ourselves in that space, when we realize that we have not been practicing self care to the degree or level we could be. It was not until I gave a voice to the deep pain and frustration that I had not been willing to notice, that the light flooded through my hand into the pages of my journal to uplift the experience.
It takes a great deal of courage to live by the phrase that "everything happens for a reason," we must be willing then to accept all experiences as necessary and imbued with some light, some degree of educated grace. Because if we do indeed live by this thought, we must give credence to each experience and do the work to find the light in it. We must also then understand that sometimes no matter what we "think" is our path, that the Creator Source will assist us, through the light of our souls and the souls around us to validate and illuminate our true blind spots; not just the ones that we think we would like to handle. In this, compassion for the self and our blind spots is imperative.
The law of attraction states that what we focus on expands, yet at time the experience does not seem to mirror the thoughts or desires we have thought that we had. Sometimes we will need to do some spring cleaning of the blind spots so that all the good we desire can have "space" to exist within our lives. This is where I am now. Clearing out the blind spots and resisting the urge to cover them back over or act as if they are not real for me. And this is a great place to be, because it underlines and reiterates every lesson I learn and teach and share. It underlines and punctuates with an exclamation point how powerful Reiki is... how necessary personal work, journaling, hypnosis, regression, and energy work are for the freedom of the soul.
When I came home that day, and loaded the photos into my computer I noticed out of the corner of my eye that this photo held special significance to me. You see that for me is an angel within the web. It is, for me, a reminder that grace surrounds us all... even when we forget to feel it.
Blessings to you and your incredible New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

In The Silence

I realized that I needed time away today... the day after Christmas. Time away from words, and electromagnetic frequencies, people and walls... I needed time to listen to my Spirit. It was a perfect morning, if you can imagine, a beautiful deep blue morning sky with the sun shining gently down upon the dew covered earth, in Florida we have these morning gifts at this time of the year. I walked with my camera and began to notice the spider webs of all sizes and shapes with the dew glistening like diamonds, as if they were suspended in mid air by some incredible force... effortless. Painted into the world just for me to see. This picture is beautiful to me. It is a web that is not so perfect, not so equal or even... it is web that illustrates life in it's entirety. At one time this web was whole just as we all were when we were born... throughout our lives sometimes the web gets broken, yet the light at the center of it still exists and glows within the fabric of our own soul's creation. A gem creating the beauty that is our individuality... glistening through the dark nights of the soul and the glorious days of our Spirits.

Sometimes experiencing silence is the only way to hear our Spirits. Getting lost underneath responsibilities, wants and needs and desires of the important and not so important people in our lives, can drive us to distraction and to a disconnect with the one thing that keeps us sane and balanced. The soul desires connection at deeper and deeper levels these days, as our everyday existence is carved and molded by the hands of our creator and the tools of our soul. Each lesson and experience shining within the web of our lives just as the dew drops glisten in the morning sun... sharing the light with all who care to look. One day this web will flow away in the wind, never to be seen again... but for now it shines, and hangs on, and exists to the fullness of it's potential.

This morning I walked within the light of my creator, within the world that I share with each and every creation, each and every thought, love, and Spirit. My Qi Gong practice connected me with that web of life that we all share, it brought me gratitude through the energy and the graceful motions of my body. This morning I breathed and existed not in the place within my own mind, but within the one-ness of THE mind. My Spirit whispered intimate details of life and love and connection as I allowed the outer world to fall away. This is the Way of Reiki to me. Where no word or phrase can begin to describe the intimacy of the energy as it moves between myself and my world. From the wet dew upon my feet to the sun kissed moments that I sat drinking the warmth of the morning sun on my back. Everything exists to bring us even closer to the center of that web, to the light that dwells within all of us. If we only allow ourselves to drink in the exquisite silence.

May you be blessed and feel the complete love of our Creator...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For the past two months this beauty has called me from my twilight dreams into the conscious world... calling to me from outside my window. I find her breath taking. I was finally able to get close enough to take a few photos of her, this is the most majestic by far.

It makes sense indeed as I am making my intentions known to the universe for the up-coming year that the harbinger would be a hawk with the medicine message of "You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities."

This is the time of the year to be certain to take care of ourselves. Many healers are so much into the giving we forget to balance our outgoing energy with our incoming energy. Now more than ever as people all over are making plans for their New Year, there is an incredible amount of energy pointed toward new beginnings. When we create our own New Year intentions while riding this incredible wave of pure energy we tap into the goodness in each person and the innocence of hope. The purity of possibilities.

As we plan for the New Year and make the intentions for our goals, desires, and the humanity we desire to support; the heavens will open up to receive those bright and glittering sparks of our soul wishes and begin to rearrange itself for the highest and best good for all. And as the hawk for-tells, we must be ready, clear, and healthy so that what we intend comes from a source of authentic power from within our hearts.

The hawk also speaks of surveying our lives. Taking stock and viewing things globally so that we can be completely centered in the decisions we make. For me this is an incredible hint from the universe... not only am I being reminded that my inner strength and clarity is most important, but I am being reminded to be studious in locating the energy drains in my life and to deal with them accordingly, as I look into my future and create the me I want to be.

May your New Year be as Blessed as you are loved!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Day!

After walking away from my nursing career for the most part, about 5 years ago I really never wanted to return. I had been blessed enough to have opened my own massage and healing business, and was able to make my own hours and days of work while handling my daughters special needs at the time.
Now I find myself in the position that many people have had to endure. The business office had to be closed due to economical reasons, and I find myself once again in the market for a job. This morning I had a job interview at a local home health agency. From the moment I walked into this place I was made to feel welcome and that has not been my experience here in Florida. This is a faith based organization that certainly brings their beliefs into the work place to support their staff and clients. It was AMAZING!
Even though I practice a somewhat different perspective on religion and belief systems I found myself excited at the prospect of once again working with a team of people for the greater good. I find myself extremely homesick for a team of faith based people taking responsibility for themselves and their world in a calm, polite, and caring manner... what a breath of fresh air! Even a fresher breath as I had been loathing in some ways returning to the nursing industry after enjoying so many years working as a healer.
I remember years ago when I studied with a Guru in Ashland not understanding why some of the residents of the ashram were told that they must move back "into the world" finding jobs and new homes away from the life they had come to love so much. I now recognize the wisdom in that teaching. Sometimes we get very comfortable in a place and we forget, or at least we become desensitized to the "real" world and in that desensitization, as a healer, we can forget how intense the process of paradigm shifting can be for people who only live within the constraints of the "real world" rules and limitations.
Making the choice to close my business office was in some ways one of the hardest things I ever had to do after all it was a creation of myself... 5 years of work and learning and hope... and yet it was also a relief in some ways. A relief to let go of something that just was not meeting the mark. I had to remind myself that sometimes we must stumble and dig around in the dirt a few times before we can find our way back on our feet. I was clear that closing the business was a good business decision and I resisted the small tiny voices saying that I had in some way failed my community or myself.
What happened instead for me has been a glorious unfolding of incredible wisdom for as much as I worked to be there for my clients there were places in my own life that were not being tended. I have been given the gift of tending to myself and re-arranging my priorities. I have been given the gift of re-membering where most of my clients come from, and now I have the gift of being of service in a different way to the planet in the nursing industry. Today at least I am certainly thankful for my many blessings and for the hypnosis client I got a call from on my way out of that job interview... I haven't received a call in weeks. Sometimes we just have to move energy somewhere, anywhere; for energy to move everywhere within our own existence.
Today is full of beautiful reminders of the grace of life! Now it is time to do my Intro to Spiritualism class...