Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The morning I took this picture I was in need of inspiration. I found it in the breeze, watching the cattle, the way the dew speckled the grass on the ground... I have been enthralled with photographs of spider webs decorated with the morning dew. After walking and breathing for a bit, I sat down to journal some very important things about my coming new year and the me I have decided to be. I practiced Qi Gong for the first time in months, and emotion bubbled up from the depths of my soul... once again I had become enmeshed in the wants and desires of others over my own. Once again making excuses why the needs and wants of my family seemed to over shadow the pure heart that beats to be a light bearer of this world.
I gave myself permission then to journal the bad... and then uplift it to the true lessons... to search within the words and feelings to find only the truth and the places where I had been blocking my own light or goodness. We all find ourselves in that space, when we realize that we have not been practicing self care to the degree or level we could be. It was not until I gave a voice to the deep pain and frustration that I had not been willing to notice, that the light flooded through my hand into the pages of my journal to uplift the experience.
It takes a great deal of courage to live by the phrase that "everything happens for a reason," we must be willing then to accept all experiences as necessary and imbued with some light, some degree of educated grace. Because if we do indeed live by this thought, we must give credence to each experience and do the work to find the light in it. We must also then understand that sometimes no matter what we "think" is our path, that the Creator Source will assist us, through the light of our souls and the souls around us to validate and illuminate our true blind spots; not just the ones that we think we would like to handle. In this, compassion for the self and our blind spots is imperative.
The law of attraction states that what we focus on expands, yet at time the experience does not seem to mirror the thoughts or desires we have thought that we had. Sometimes we will need to do some spring cleaning of the blind spots so that all the good we desire can have "space" to exist within our lives. This is where I am now. Clearing out the blind spots and resisting the urge to cover them back over or act as if they are not real for me. And this is a great place to be, because it underlines and reiterates every lesson I learn and teach and share. It underlines and punctuates with an exclamation point how powerful Reiki is... how necessary personal work, journaling, hypnosis, regression, and energy work are for the freedom of the soul.
When I came home that day, and loaded the photos into my computer I noticed out of the corner of my eye that this photo held special significance to me. You see that for me is an angel within the web. It is, for me, a reminder that grace surrounds us all... even when we forget to feel it.
Blessings to you and your incredible New Year!

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