Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love finding random works of art that illustrate the energy that exists between people.

This specific picture could be two people talking
however, I'd prefer to believe they are having
a loving, long, lingering kiss.

One of the things that I love that I learned in my Tantric studies
is the act of eye gazing.
It doesn't sound like much.  Looking into someone's eyes, but if you have ever felt
love for another human and gazed with the softness of that
love into the eyes of your beloved
there is nothing that is more
intimate, complete, or honest.
Everyone has heard the saying the eyes are the gateway to the soul.
In Reiki we teach that you can "beam", essentially send Reiki using the eyes and a soft gaze
to open ourselves up to the flow of the energy.
The softness of the gaze is the trick.
Have you ever had someone just using their eyes come into your space
and make you feel uncomfortable?
So uncomfortable that you look away or perhaps change your body language,
or even leave the area?
The eyes and the intent behind them are quite powerful, and the person that
uses a direct stare to intimidate or cause harm may not understand all they are really communicating.
What a gift then to have at our disposal.
What a powerful talisman we have to communicate the deepest and most secret parts
of our love with our beloved, our life partner, our children.
I was recently gifted with an experience of sharing Reiki with my own beloved.
I have shared Reiki in the past with friends, family, clients, and lovers,
I have never been so humbled nor so blessed during a session.
I have the incredible opportunity to love a person that is in my eyes fearless.
A person that moves forward confidently and passionately.
A person that is probably the strongest and safest person I have ever met.
A person that I can't imagine ever living without.
I was given an incredible gift when I was given permission to give my own beloved Reiki.
The grace and ease with which the energy began to flow was heightened because of
my own loving and cherishing feelings toward my partner.  
There was an immediate opening within my own heart. 
There was an experience of  one-ness that I have only ever had
while sitting with trees in nature or gazing at the majesty of the ocean.
Selflessness, peace, comfort...
and more that can not be described by mere words and phrases.

It is moments like this with my Beloved that cause me to feel blessed and humbled,
that someone so honorable, honest, true, and incredible
sees past my quirks and my selfconsciousness...
sees past my own limiting thoughts about myself and gazes at me with the 
incredible silky softness of love from her incredibly deep and soulful eyes.
It is my one desire to everyday find a way to create
a special and meaningful moment of honestly and lovingly gazing
at the one person that makes me want to be a better more loving person.
It is my deepest desire to use everything I know
to create deeper and more loving moments every single day
in celebration of life and love between us.
Reiki unknowingly gave me more passion and more fire to study even more deeply
the connection between the lovers and how to use Reiki to heal
and deepen the bond between people that yearn for a once in a lifetime love.
Thank goodness,
I have been waiting my entire life!!
Reiki blessings!!!!