Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creating Sacred Space

The incredible thing about having and using a sacred space is that in times when you are not feeling so energetic and perhaps feeling melancholy the energy has already been created.

Today as there is a named storm swirling out in the waters possibly threatening to become a hurricane and unleash its beautiful power and cleansing on Florida and all of us that inhabit this tropical paradise... my body feels as though it has been struck by a train, a plane, an automobile, and possibly a horse drawn carriage.

The one thing that I conveniently forget about the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and the way it affects my body is that when the wind blows, barometric pressures change quickly, and when mother nature begins to cleanse itself my body lets me know.  The way I experience it is with discomfort, pain, stiffness, and weakness; dang it!

See the thing is I had plans for this week, writing some classes out, planning to teach Reiki and give attunements, to be truly productive, and all I wanted to do this evening was lay on the couch and watch television.  My mind started turning to being hard on myself for lack of energy and motivation to follow through with my best laid plans.  Here is the truth... I have sacred space, not only specifically set aside in my home, but most definitely set aside within me.  Loving what is as Byron Katie teaches is to question thoughts that make you feel poorly about your own experience.

Here is the incredible thing, I may not have written an award winning class tonight or started to write a novel, I also may not have gotten any more organized or prepared toward teaching, but I did get quiet and remember my sacred space.  AND luckily I came to share that tiny win with all of you, because that is Reiki folks, in the huge and seemingly insurmountable, and in the tiny breath of a day that causes us to remember the sacred within us!

Here is to your sacred places no matter what you may be feeling or experiencing!

Friday, August 10, 2012

 Don't you just love the laughing Buddah??? He always makes me happy and feel like things are really alright.
I read once that the Japanese decided to do a fat rendition of Buddah to make fun of all the things we aren't supposed to be... you know... to remind people to laugh at themselves.

I have to say I can be so utterly serious about my meditations, prayers, and Reiki that I might resemble some kind of constipated devotee, stick up the rear and all of that.  Along with that serious nature about all things spiritual in my world is my expectation that my life will also follow along the lines of spiritual unity, growth, and discipline.  Enter the clashing and thrashing of the world and nothing seems to be as perfect as my imagination would like for it to be.

For years I have been embracing this moment... only to find myself in a past or future moment... the laughing Buddah helps me remember not to take myself so seriously.

What I realized recently is that all that constipation caused by seriousness overload is about as spiritually sensitive and graceful as; well a diver with his feet chained to concrete, or a drunk ballet dancer, or my dog eating dinner on a carpet... none of these things seem graceful to me at all.... And sometimes I am just as ungraceful and unbalanced as the next everyday Joe.

Even a Spiritual life, no matter how well defined by discipline and serious committed practice, must also bring fun and joy into our hearts and minds, we all need a break from the hum drum, shocking, sense dulling "real" world to remember we are alive.

An old friend of mine passed from our world this week, and I realized that feeling the feelings around death and transition as a spiritual person is much different than feeling those same feelings from a strictly human perspective... Luckily I remembered that I am both of those things and found my way back from a potentially sad detour from my Joy.

I am choosing to see my friend surrounded by beautiful flowers, white puffy clouds, and puppies, kitties, and little ducklings because I believe these things to be something that our innocent childhood selves would find happy and joyful.  Also I know that he is most certainly held within the light of God, and; well... it just simply makes me feel better to think he might be playing with puppies on a grass covered hill with the sun and rainbows and his heart open and filled with love laughing and sending love to those of us that are mourning his passing.  Just as we are sending love his way too.

Remember your Joy today.... and if you have a minutes send some love to Mark... I'm sure he'd appreciate it as he continues on his journey...