Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At war within

I don't often take a stand on political issues, and even though the inspiration of this post comes from our new found war with Libya, the meaning here is meant to be individual and uplifting to ourselves.

I have noticed myself feeling reactive about the recent events on our world horizon. It has drawn me to the deep inner truth that if my world is at war, perhaps I am currently at war within myself.

The more I consider the possibility that I am at war within myself the more I am noticing the ways in which that is true for me. I have begun to have some allergies to foods and have begun to experience the achyness of what appears to be fibromyalgia. The more I delve deeply into the meaning of what these two things are and how they seem to affect me the more I understand that in some ways I am reacting to my environment via allergies and discomfort. As I am in the process of unravelling myself I have begun to find so much more compassion for me and all of the things that I may not know about myself. I also am really impressed with how effectively my body has been communicating with me regarding my surroundings and the foods that I ingest.

Perhaps the way to invite compassion on a global level is to invite compassion and peace first within ourselves. Perhaps each time we begin to feel as though we must judge ourselves or the experiences we would rather not have; instead we can lay down our weapons of mass destruction that we have been subduing ourselves with; and create a kinder way to access and heal difficult and challenging energy blocks within us.

If we truly want our world to change we must first feel the peace within ourselves. To feel peaceful within we must begin to understand and forgive ourselves, less explosions and more kindness and love.

That is my two cents this week, lets all uncover the barriers we have created within ourselves that turn our hearts and minds toward war within, and begin to prefer inviting healing and light deeply into our lives.

Just for today do not worry.

Just for today do not anger.

Just for today be kind to every living thing.

Just for today be thankful.

Just for today do your work honestly.

All My love!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reiki, Japan, and all of US!

Often when teaching Reiki we talk about the 1923 earthquake that devastated Japan and pulled Usui Sensei into the public arena of healing and teaching out of dire human need. Usui traveled and taught to assist his people in recovering after the massive blast that shook his country and the hearts and minds of his people. Usui stepped up and out into the public because of the need for his knowledge and compassion, and because of his people's need to feel relief and comfort.

Here we are 88 years later looking at the devistation of the people of Japan again. Many people are calling out that this is the end of days, that things are taking a turn for the worse, and largely that the world is on a path of certain destruction. I have no doubt that throughout history and throughout this world, people's fear becomes so large that they see earth-changes as a bad omen and the "end of times". This is not the first time those words have been whispered from the lips of our brothers and sisters as the Earth evolves and changes.
Usui stepped out with a tool to assist his people to find comfort and ease, and he practiced compassion in his work through teaching and his service to human kind. Because Usui was who he was and because he was willing to teach others I have been afforded the opportunity to share his system of healing with hundreds of people.
It can be easy to forget our center and our universal love in the midst of chaos and destruction.

This is a shrine on Mt Kurama, the mountain where Usui did his 21 day retreat and was given the knowledge of the system of Reiki. I have used it to gaze at and to see the beauty of Japan, to ignite my certainty that I do have something to offer on a global scale; because of so many brave Japanese people throughout the years.
Perhaps this is time to honor what has been given to us and offer our services to our global community through distance and hands on healing. You may notice that in the past few weeks your dreams have become more vivid and you are feeling as though you have worked all night long. For those of you that are lightworkers you are being asked to work with the planet and it's life in your night time hours. It can feel challenging and exciting to know that you are helping people even when you are sleeping.
Remember to offer yourself healing daily in your waking hours and offer to yourself and your world the kindness that the founder of Reiki was so generous to share with this world. You are a part of the legacy that Usui shared with the world and you are most certainly needed here, whether you are carpooling your kids to school or on the front lines feeding the hungry and easing discomfort.
YOU are the light of the world... always remember!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is the truth?

One of the buddhist beliefs is to remain un-attached to anything... a teacher, a job, a partner, a home, a thought, etc

It is one of the most incredible things to see or experience the way a buddhist monk painstakingly works for hours to create intricate and beautiful mandalas made of colored sand, then in the end to sweep it away like nothing special at all.

In some ways it feels as though the years and incredible focus that I have put toward my research, my active healing work with people, my personal healing work with myself, the identities of mother, nurse, therapist, intuitive, partner, lover, and teacher are like the sand that a buddhist monk with a generous and compassionate heart; creates beauty and intensity in a mandala with. And just like the incredible art of mandala creation, the hand of the Great Spirit is sweeping through the colors and facets of my life asking me to lose my attachment to everything that is less than reality.

And my Ego is being swept away.

These days the moment I attempt to identify and define myself I find everything in my life re-organizing to show me the folly of the thought "this is me".

My human-self wants to believe that I matter because I can.... (fill in the blank.)
My ego wants me to believe that the confusion and the discomfort that I am feeling as I question my attachment is actually pain and certain death.
Which lets me know I am most certainly on the "right" track.

The seeds that Spirit and I have planted within me will not grow and flourish with garbage and stones blocking the growth. Everything I have thought I am, everything that I am, everything that I will be exists always... Everything I teach myself and call reality is like garbage and stones blocking the light of the sun, truth has never existed out side me and I honestly believe that is the teaching that Spirit offers me these days.

Whatever tool we choose to work on ourselves with, at it's core; is something that was created to remove the lies and fallicy of life and outdated belief systems handed down generation to generation. For me Reiki, hypnosis, past life regression, Spirit Release Therapy, chanting, meditating, yoga, Qi Gong, art, aromatherapy; give me really powerful tools to remove the veils that hold me from the truth that Spirit whispers to us all each and every day.

"Everything is as it should be, there is no separation"

Just as this whale dives deeper into the waters, I too find the need to dive deep within my subconscious to find the obstacles that I place in my own way. To find the very things that keep me feeling small and separate. Thank goodness like this whale and it's family pod, I am not alone, I am supported not only by Spirit and family, but by the incredible work that others who have gone before me have done. In the end there is no separation and that is incredibly soothing during the lesson of non-attachment!