Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is the truth?

One of the buddhist beliefs is to remain un-attached to anything... a teacher, a job, a partner, a home, a thought, etc

It is one of the most incredible things to see or experience the way a buddhist monk painstakingly works for hours to create intricate and beautiful mandalas made of colored sand, then in the end to sweep it away like nothing special at all.

In some ways it feels as though the years and incredible focus that I have put toward my research, my active healing work with people, my personal healing work with myself, the identities of mother, nurse, therapist, intuitive, partner, lover, and teacher are like the sand that a buddhist monk with a generous and compassionate heart; creates beauty and intensity in a mandala with. And just like the incredible art of mandala creation, the hand of the Great Spirit is sweeping through the colors and facets of my life asking me to lose my attachment to everything that is less than reality.

And my Ego is being swept away.

These days the moment I attempt to identify and define myself I find everything in my life re-organizing to show me the folly of the thought "this is me".

My human-self wants to believe that I matter because I can.... (fill in the blank.)
My ego wants me to believe that the confusion and the discomfort that I am feeling as I question my attachment is actually pain and certain death.
Which lets me know I am most certainly on the "right" track.

The seeds that Spirit and I have planted within me will not grow and flourish with garbage and stones blocking the growth. Everything I have thought I am, everything that I am, everything that I will be exists always... Everything I teach myself and call reality is like garbage and stones blocking the light of the sun, truth has never existed out side me and I honestly believe that is the teaching that Spirit offers me these days.

Whatever tool we choose to work on ourselves with, at it's core; is something that was created to remove the lies and fallicy of life and outdated belief systems handed down generation to generation. For me Reiki, hypnosis, past life regression, Spirit Release Therapy, chanting, meditating, yoga, Qi Gong, art, aromatherapy; give me really powerful tools to remove the veils that hold me from the truth that Spirit whispers to us all each and every day.

"Everything is as it should be, there is no separation"

Just as this whale dives deeper into the waters, I too find the need to dive deep within my subconscious to find the obstacles that I place in my own way. To find the very things that keep me feeling small and separate. Thank goodness like this whale and it's family pod, I am not alone, I am supported not only by Spirit and family, but by the incredible work that others who have gone before me have done. In the end there is no separation and that is incredibly soothing during the lesson of non-attachment!

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  1. Lovely post with so many inspiring ideas that ring so true. Best wishes on your journey (p.s., really enjoyed hearing song #2 on your playlist as I read your post).