Thursday, January 29, 2009

There is a hole in my toilet...

Honestly there really is a hole in my toilet bowl! I was not lying... And the hole in one, that the crystal candle holder made inside the bowl before afore mentioned hole in my toilet, was actually a stupendous feat... I am still wondering how one would figure out the odds of that happening. There must be some mathematician somewhere that could figure that out for me.

I read yesterday that a man shot and killed all 5 of his children his wife and himself due to losing his job. Sobering isn't it? I myself have had the flu since Sunday... and I still feel as though a train has whacked my backside.... ugh. There are so many people these days with so many stories and finding themselves pushed up against the wall of limitations.
I interviewed for a job about 3 or 4 weeks ago... great job at a brand spanking new medi-spa. They spent 25K on the massage room alone... can we say heaven? I want my fingers all over that! The interviewer said "hey I will call in a week and let you know what is happening." I waited a week and nothing happened, so I called... left a message left an e-mail... no answer. It has been another two weeks and my eldest said "hey mom did you hear from that job?" I said "well darling I left a message and sent an e-mail but I have not heard anything."

At this point I was how do they say it "schooled" in proper job seeking behavior by my daughter. Apparently times are changing folks, and the mission of a job seeker is to call 2 times a week until you have been given an answer. This reminds me of stalking somewhat, but hey why not try it? So I called once again, and actually got to speak to the interviewer... she will be calling for the second half of the interview in mid-february... now was that so hard to say? She actually said that she had not called anyone to let them know anything because she has been getting the building taken care of. I said thank you and I will be looking forward to hearing from you... yet my proverbial jaw is lying in the floor... why has she not communicated with the people that she interviewed? OOOPS here it comes...

This is when my "teacher" voice began inside my head.... CAN you hear it? You see I began making up a story inside my head... so old school. I began to be personally offended by my impending boss's behavior... by the fact that she hadn't cared enough to communicate. I mean what about me, what about my jobless state of affairs, what about the fact that I had to close my own business office in October and it feels like I have been waiting FOREVER already... doesn't this stranger even care? Let's get real... I am the one that cares... sheeeeesh! This is the time when humans, like myself, in my weakened flu-like state let the ego take over so that they can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are "right" and someone is "wrong". Because obviously my super hero Reiki Master self wouldn't be waivered by this kind of behavior... muahahahahaha... Byron Katie and Eckhert Tolle would be great neighbors right about now!

I know I know... My Inner Reiki Teacher is chanting words inside my head again... "If it is meant to be..." Well yes I know in the higher states of awareness that this job or any job that I apply for I will get because it is meant to be... here is the hard part... being patient whilst wondering how the bills will be paid. AND attempting to be comfortable with a hole in my toilet and malfunctioning air conditioning while living in Florida... glad it is winter here! Even healers, Reiki Masters, Doctors, Nurses, Ministers, contractors, millionaires, and poor people sometimes get a hole in their toilet!

These are the days when Reiki matters the most in my life. These are the days when everything I have learned and everything I have taught come to bear inside my own mind. I love to hear my students say well this and that... parroting things I have said whilst helping them through similar issues and they are right, AND, I also have to honor where I sit, how it feels, and work from there as well. The human is not quiet, but the human is important as well, and it is from the human perspective that we get into trouble when we don't understand the wants, needs, desires of the human experience, and the way we have ignored and judged that part of our existence.

Sometimes things just are what they are. We live in a dual world, black and white and all of the colors in between. It is in the ebbs and flows that we learn and grow. The interesting ride for me is, that I can choose to be hurt, angry, resentful, miserable, and broken... or I can choose to recognize that things can always get better, that everything happens for a reason, that this too shall pass, and that sometimes things feel like crap because they just do... but it does NOT mean anything... no one is being punished the world is not ending it is just a cycle... I can choose and in that freedom is born. Everything is energy and in an ebb what I can indeed look forward to is the flow!

I have to say my inner drama diva really wants a voice here, and the fact that I know that puts me ahead of the game so to speak, because I can dialogue through all of the fear and blame and shadow energy that I have not uncovered yet. That means that this is all good... the good, bad, ugly, joyful... none of it matters as long as we keep judgement out of it and move it. Gary Young said on a recent cd I was listening to something like this. "Let it go, release that anger and rage why hold on to it, it isn't any good for you. For that matter release that joy too.. let it flow in and through you..." the point is stopping something and attempting to hold on to it because we do not know when things will be better or holding on to something because it might go away is pointless. Everything is energy everything is in a constant state of flow...we have no control over that.
Thanks for hanging out with me today,
I wish you a great weekend!
p.s. seriously... what are the odds of a hole in your toilet bowl made by a crystal candle holder?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Try everything once!

Last night for the first time ever in an Introduction to Spiritualism class I tried table tipping. Those that know me would find it either ironic or hysterical that I didn't really believe anything would be happening with this so called "parlor" trick as so many of the informational posts on the Internet describe. The reason that they would find it ironic is all of my experience with discarnate/earthbound spirits... oy vey... another story for a different day.

Perhaps starting a bit more at the beginning of this endeavor I should make you aware that religion has always, and I do mean always, fascinated me. The ceremony and reverence I find to be so very comforting and the rules and judgements I find so very annoying... hey what can I say I am human. And yet there is a reality in my own life that has not been explained by any religious belief system until I began to study the religion, philosophy, and science of spiritualism. This is why I am taking this class, to find out what makes this young religion tick and how indeed they can call it a science... well let's just say I scoffed a long time about that particular belief! The religion of spiritualism at it's best is practiced simply to dispel the fear of death and to provide evidence that life indeed does continue after the change called death. Which I have been tuned in to since I was a young child... so you can indeed see where this is going!

Any hoo... last evening my name was called to "sit" at a table with my teacher and 2 other students. You place your hands very lightly on the top of the table and you quiet yourself, in attempt to connect with the highest and best good for yourself and everyone involved. Because I had never done table tipping before, well I was cracking jokes up the aisle to the table and I almost lost it during the "quiet" time. This isn't a new phenomena to me often times in the middle of a Reiki share I will burst out laughing when I am receiving Reiki... there is something that feels so comical about 6 Reiki practitioners standing around with their hands waving and working hard at healing me with serious faces... it makes me giggle almost every time! But I held my glee within me last night... yes indeed I did not burst out with a rancorous sounding laugh... and right when I thought nothing would happen.. bingo moving table.

My eyes immediately shot to the teacher... you know "parlor" tricks and all of that. What I saw was intriguing and I didn't have much time to process it as the table bounced around and landed in my lap. What I saw was three other people, like me barely touching a bouncing table. I had watched my teacher carry this little table into the room, no funky strings or anything. What I felt when first placing my hands upon the surface of the antique table was a vibration in the table top. Like electricity and I wondered if others felt it as well.

Well I was just a Little freaked out. Mental mediumship is far less "exciting" in some ways than the antics of physical mediumship. The logical mind was certainly on fire with trying to figure out what was occurring, how was I going to "debunk" this experience? All the while this thing is sitting in my lap. I am supposed to ask yes and no questions and find out if this is a guide or a family member. And because I don't know if my father or brother are alive I ask... the table swung back twice for a no each time. When asked it if was my grandmother well lets just say that table just sat in my lap. Apparently that is the signal for a yes answer and I found it interesting not only that there was indeed a vibration of deep and abiding love pouring through the table toward me like Reiki on some big supercharged steroids, but my mind instantly went blank.

This is the time to ask questions... DUH! So the experience went on. My body felt as though I was giving a huge Reiki treatment. I became hot like I do, almost to the sweating point when I am giving some pretty intense Reiki during a session. Time seemed to slow down, and to be honest I began to be caught up in the moment... you see all my caring about if it was true and if it was not true went out the window at the opportunity to believe just for one minute that indeed what I felt in the energy of love was coming from my grandmother and I was not going to allow dis-belief to ruin the possibility that it was true and the tears began to flow. Of course she was there to tell me to stop worrying about a job. OK fine... but it wasn't even the message that had come through the yes and no questions that mattered it was that incredible feeling of love.

You see I can understand how charlatans in this field can get inside people because people want so much to talk with their departed family members. I do indeed believe that people can be duped. And yet in the last 5 months I have discovered far more on point mediums than in my entire life and they are indeed good. The incredible thing is through my class I have learned about the early physical mediumship, such as the Fox sisters in Hydesville N.Y. that listened to rappings on the wall of the home they had moved into, and about 50 years later the story was proven to be convincingly true, yet they had been called and abused as charlatans for years.

After my turn was over I watched as the hearts of each person were opened as they were struck with pure and loving energy from the "spirit side of life". I can not deny that I watched my teachers hands for signs that she was pushing that table, and the interesting thing was how strong a couple of the spirits were. One woman's body shook with the force of the table landing in her lap. Tears flowed and hearts were opened. And true or false here I can honestly say... that I would rather believe that indeed in front of all of the people my grandmother did choose to use a table to remind me of the Reiki precept "just for today do not worry". I am uplifted and happy with that belief and honestly isn't that the purpose of belief?

People feel such grief at the passing of a loved one. To have an open door to undeniable communication either through a medium or through physical mediumship, like knocks on walls and table tipping; it gives the heart that can be open to the truth that our loved ones have not truly left us. It causes healing where only pain and suffering have endured for some. No matter what, being an aficionado of healing techniques, with years of healing service under my ample belt, healing happened last night. Undeniable heart healing. That is a gift. Our loved ones have only stepped out of the physical vehicle... they are still here loving and supporting us. That is the best gift ever!

I spent many years being terrified to try new things and let my spirit roam around this world finding it's joy. Try everything once is one of the best ideas I ever had... thank you for sharing this moment with me!



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyday Heros

I have a friend that works 12 hour shifts. She is able to work from home near her family and loved ones. No commute, no co-workers, no packing of lunches or getting up before dawn to rush out the door. What a slice of heaven right? Ah no, she hates her job... reminds herself and family often of this fact. Yet her bills are paid and her family is fed and warm, the blessings truly abound. Sometimes it is so easy to miss what is right in front of us! Interesting isn't it?

I have a friend, she has been infected with HIV for over 20 years now. Her neuropathy is so terrible I am sure that if she can even feel her feet it is only because it feels like white hot pins are stabbing the feet and legs. She has been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer for about 8 years now I believe, maybe more. Because of her disease process we can't even tell when something goes sky-woggled in her body, if the cause is really the cause. Recently she came out of a coma and is now on insulin injections 4 times daily. Do you know what my friends job is? Do you think she stays at home and bemoans her health status? She is an HIV educator, in fact she is summoned to congress when the Ryan White bill is under the microscope for funding purposes, and when congress calls you must go. She can be sick as a dog and pull herself up and do a keynote session for nurses and doctors right after being so sick none of us think she will stand up. That is her job... touching even one person is her passion... and over the years she has single-handedly saved hundreds if not thousands of people from despair. She is my hero! She might be your hero too...

I have a friend, her job is working in a specialties boutique for some women who's husbands were rich enough to give them a business. My friend is well trained in marketing and advertising, and yet she is selling high scale beads and purses to women who like to buy these novelties. Some people including her would think her situation is bad... but in these economic times she is grateful for the opportunity to work. Here is the kicker... my friend has a real job... one you might not know if you saw her on the street. It is taking care of her elderly mother. You see if my friend held a high paying position she would not have the time or the patience to deal with the dementia her mother is progressing through. She would not have the time to feed and dress her in the morning, to take her to church, to make sure her family is involved so that they have incredible memories while her mother is still lucid enough to recognize who everyone is, and even this is slowly drifting away. You see my friend doesn't understand the kind of gold her soul is being paid as it is forged on the kiln of life experience.

I have a friend who is a single mother of a troubled teen aged son. Everyday she gets up and goes to work in the health care field. Working to make a good life for herself and her son. Everyday she works to remain calm and balanced as her own soul is being forged on the kiln of the life experience of an out of control child. I think the hardest part of this entire experience is that often we look to the parent when the child is out of control. We forget each child just like each adult comes to the planet with their own individual plan to progress through. Yet she puts a mask on as she goes to work, calm, cool, and collected; while inside she feels as though she won't make it another second. This is a woman who has courage... to do the best she can each and everyday and to keep moving forward no matter what kind of curve balls her son throws her way... believe me there are a lot of curve balls here.

My point here is that often times we find ourselves in a position of wanting that very thing we do not have so that we can feel better. Not very often do we look at where we are and find acceptance and peace within it. These times in the world are testing and trying our resolve. The soul is being forged at a higher and higher heat for some. At a time when 11 million people have become jobless... hope is a commodity many people don't seem to have. Yet there is hope... in the blossom of a new flower, in the eyes of a new born, and mostly in the kindness that each of us have the opportunity to show and share with each other. The Reiki ideals give a recipe for those who wish to try it. For those willing to believe in themselves enough to know that things will indeed get better. They give us the opportunity to meditate on the words, to believe that worry and anger are not helpful, and to remind us that to be grateful is indeed the most positive thought practice in the law of attraction. They remind us of the unshakable golden rule of do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

  • Just for today do not worry

  • Just for today do not anger

  • Just for today do your work honestly

  • Just for today be thankful for your many blessings

  • Just for today be kind to every living thing

At this time in our world it is time to let the light of our true heart shine. To love those feeling the pain and despair, and to beam widely the unconditional love of the creator of our world toward those who can not find hope within their lives. Many people are spending a lot of time teaching and coaching about the law of attraction and sometimes this is so necessary and yet, when your belly is not fed and your kids are cold and you may not know if you have a place to live... kindness and love are the balms we need the most. I feel a calling from my own soul to be much more involved in healing on the global level and in doing so I must heal myself on that global level as well.

So I seek to be kinder than I have to be. To love more than necessary. To find patience when I have none at all. To share a meal or two with those less fortunate and to believe in myself so that I know how to believe in others as well. To remember that with Reiki I have a healing balm at my fingertips and that even though I understand suffering to be a perception there are still many that are living within that perception and they need our love and kindness. Change happens within us, and then our world changes the beat of it's drum to support our inner beauty. Let us embark on the deep inner healing, to find our blind spots and shine light upon them and forgive the unforgivable within us, so that we may lack judgement and find kindness for those in our world.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wisdom of the aged....

When I went to nursing school. I was required to train not only in a hospital, but also in a nursing home. The very first time I walked into that nursing home I passed out and I quit nursing school, one of the many times I told the teachers I would quit. They would call me that night and say... "I know it was hard, but you can do this; see you tomorrow." I would say "no you are wrong this time," but I would get myself up and my two small children and I would indeed see my teachers again that day.

The reason I had fainted that day was a paradigm shift of a major kind. It was the very first time that I had ever seen people lined up like cattle, you see they were lined up neatly along the walls waiting to be taken to their meals. And I was blown over by what that meant. That they had lived all their lives as independant free thinking people, and they were taken to breakfast at the time the facility chose, they were dressed by the taste of the care giver, and there was no loving family around, they didn't have a car or a home any longer, they had a 10x10 space to call their own, and even that was tramped through by the staff. Men who had worn suits all their lives, and women who had accessorized and been properly coiffed their entire lives were reduced to sweat pants, no make up, and no ties. I was shaken to say the least.

This morning this e-mail message ended up in my in box... it reminded me of that day 12 years ago when I fainted... and it reminded me of the heart of the Spirit, and that sometimes a nursing home is necessary for whatever reason for the elderly and the family. I worked in that field for most of my nursing career to make a difference in the lives of the residents, and yet so many of my residents made the REAL difference in my life. I hope your heart can take in the words and sentiment that is written below, because the wisdom of the ages is all around us everyday, in the eyes, words, and thoughts of those people that have been here longer than me or you. To find that out, just ask them; and if they are gracious enough to share it with you you will be amazed at the stories and the intelligence and the grace of the human spirit!
A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today.
His wife of 70 years recently passed away,making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready.
As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window.
'I love it,' he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy.'

Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait.
''That doesn't have anything to do with it,' he replied...'

Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it.
'It's a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I'll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I've stored away. Just for this time in my life.

Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from it what you've put in. So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories!

Thank you for your part in filling my Memory bank. I am still depositing.'

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyday Miracles

It never ceases to amaze me how this moment slowly moves into the next moment and it becomes yes, this moment. If watching only this moment, sometimes after many moments, we recognize that a lifetime has emerged! Healing work is like this in a lot of ways for myself and my clients, and most likely for you as well.

I was working with a client this weekend and we realized that it has been a year since she started to see me... well almost a year. When she came to me she appeared a bit meek and extremely depressive. A hard outer exterior and devoid of much emotion... I believe that perhaps within her she felt only a modicum of hope as she made her appointment to see me. Sometimes our karmic lessons and our life contracts are large. It can seem as if the humanity and the compassion of God can not even touch us within the laws and lessons of life. For some of us that can be professional life, family life, and love relationships... whatever it is you know it when it hits you. This is the forging of the soul.

Every once in awhile I am gifted with the opportunity to watch a client do a 180 degree turn around. I love to work with the people that are fired up about making changes in their lives, and still willing to work within the fire of healing... when it is white hot, and hardest to remain in a state of courage and faith that this obstacle too shall pass. This woman is one of those people. Every one of us has an incredible light that we were meant to shine upon this planet. Some of us in big ways and some of us in smaller ways and yet each fire has the same weight.

What a pleasure it is to watch her recognize challenges and look at them deeply... releasing the fear about her emotions and the self judgement that she has a challenge that exists at all, means far less than the freedom that comes from doing such profound work. Once we realized how many moons it had been that we had been working together there was a special moment filled with AWE... with the silence of all that is, as we remembered her state of being at the moment of her first appointment. A miracle had been born within the moment drifting into the next moment... an entire year of healing had emerged. A history of old coats and hats, thoughts and beliefs that have been thrown out for a newer style, a healthier style.

As she left from this appointment with a greater sense of her accomplishments of the past year and her thoughts dwelling upon her healing goals for the new year to come, I told her how truly proud I am of her. For having the courage to face the monsters in her closets... and the monsters in her life. She said something that struck me then, "It couldn't have happened without you." She thanked me then and even though I understand that I am the face that the universe chose for the job that I do, it is her desire to return to balance and the light that caused her healing. It is her soul and the blessings of the universe that created such incredible healing. I am truly the gifted one to be in a position not only to witness the incredible healing but to learn and grow from it myself. I am filled with a sense of grace as I write this morning... because God has placed me within a profession in which miracles happen... each and everyday and I am allowed and honored to share in them as the children of the universe remember their own light and begin to shine it outwardly to uplift all of creation!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Once upon a time I was a know it all!

As I was sitting here getting the dregs out of my valor bottle this morning... I started to remember the first time I was introduced to essential oils. I thought they were snake oil, after all if it did not come out of a pill bottle what good was it anyway? At the time I had injured my back working as a nurse, it was 1998 or so, which meant I had been a nurse for only 2 years before my career might be over. I was taking vicodin for the pain and flexaril to relax the muscles. All that really happened was I slept a lot, but the pain didn't dissipate. At one point I had the violent side effect of attacking my partner at the time, vicodin for some people can bring out anger and rage tendencies. Sadly I was one of those people, luckily no one got hurt!

Pt was not helping, the meds were not helping, and sleeping just had me sleeping through my life and my young children's lives as well. I was miserable and the ice massage from that PT lady was driving me up a wall to boot. I was involved with a spiritual organization at the time and they swore by their essential oils. I scoffed, laughed, and made cracks about the way they smelled and the snake oil they were peddling to unsuspecting humans. (as if I knew a thing or two!) After all if it was not in a pill bottle it didn't work. If that stuff worked the medical community would embrace it and go with it, but alas the medical community in a large part denies the effectiveness of therapeutic grade essential oils and their efficacy for healing. And so I suffered... not too silently I might add!

I have to add here that at the time my mother had become a massage therapist a few years before this, and I had only had one or two treatments from her and they left me feeling broken and beaten the next day so I swore off all of that silly stuff! What I didn't understand is that the stress of being a single mom and going to nursing school had taken it's toll on me and my body... well that and the alcohol problem I had at the time. So during the massage the toxins moved into the blood stream and boy was I feeling them.... but I was too smart for that... massage was EVIL! I was certain.

So I was seriously in pain and didn't know how I would go back to work. One of my snake oily friends asked if she could put some oils on my back. "Sure," I said, "as long as you don't try any of that evil massage on me I already hurt enough." At this point my allopathic way of treating myself had gotten me no where. So I laid there and she dripped an oil on my back from above me. She didn't touch me she just let the oil sit there and some weird things started to happen. My vertebrae actually snapped back into place. Not just one but four different snaps crackles and pops I heard and I didn't even move. And even weider was that the pain decreased... no one had even touched me. That one oil she used that day was Valor, I placed my oil order immediately because the relief I had was so incredible that I had to find out more, plus who wants to have that much pain daily?

Since then I have used my oils for everything from strep throat to uplifting depression. What a cool memory to have on an over cast day while I attempt to get each and every tiny molecule of oil out of this bottle... lesson learned today... DON'T EVER LET MYSELF RUN OUT OF VALOR!

How to find some valor? Just click here

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reiki, Anointing, Special!

Isn't she pretty???

Starting off this Monday morning with the kids back in school! That can put a zing into any one's day... well at least mine! Sometimes their thoughts crowd my mind so much I can't tell if a thought is mine or theirs. So I celebrate vacation while they are home for the fun, and I celebrate when they return to school for the quiet! Ahhhhh the blessed quiet. I wanted to share this dainty orchid picture with you, well because yellow is my favorite color... I just love the high and happy vibration of a bright and clear yellow! And this was her first time blooming for me... what a wonderful thing!

Speaking of vibrations.... what we learned from the last blog entry is that healing in a large part happens through the harmonic frequencies in and around our body. The hormonal communication with our very DNA through the lingands. We also learned that sometimes when the physical body has broken down through stress, emotions, poor diet, etc that we must supply it with physical supplementation and high vibration foods as well as energy medicine and techniques that help balance the system as a whole. It can certainly make lasting and permanent healing move a long at a quick pace when we apply our logic to all systems and "energy bodies" of the human organism.

With that in mind... moving right along to the conscious process of applying healing to the physical body ourselves.

Websters dictionary defines anoint as:

1 to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance

2 a to apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration b. b to choose by or as if by divine election also to designate as if by a ritual anointment

About 5-6 years after I became involved in the essential oils company that I love so much I decided to go out and buy up oils from other companies. I wanted to see if what I was using was really the highest and best for myself and my family. At one point I became fascinated with the essential oils of scripture and I even went looking in the Christian book stores in the area searching for the holy oils for anointing. What I found is that most oils were inferior. How do I know they were inferior? The scent mostly. You can tell alot from a therapeutic grade essential oil. I can take a huge deep whiff of a therapeutic grade oil and it moves over the olfactory system easily picking out all the different parts that make up the oil, just like fine wine. In many of the oils when I tried this I came out choking and sputtering with terrible headaches that sometimes lasted for 2-3 days. Needless to say I wasn't impressed, but I did keep the other oils around so that I could show people the differences.

The bookstore oils for anointing the body were a sore disappointment for me because they didn't even smell like the pure frankincense and sandalwood that I had come to love so deeply. Now that doesn't mean that those oils don't work for what they were created for. However some oils are perfume grade oil. Perfume grade oils have been altered by taking out certain components of the whole oil because they are looking for an "across the board" scent. In fact the perfume companies in Europe are responsible for much of the research done on essential oils... their research is done on components of oils but not very often has it been done on the whole complete unadulterated oil that our creator made for us. Again I digress.... Therefore a perfume grade oil most likely won't hold the important components for healing like therapeutic grade oil will.

Now for healing... as far as I am concerned I anoint myself with Reiki, Qi Gong, Essential Oils, Songs, Music... for me everything is an anointing right down to positive thoughts, prayer, and meditation. The one thing that many healers are aware of is that "tuning in" to the highest vibration of energy is a must, and has been taught to me in every method that I have trained in. Therapeutic Grade essential oils have different vibrations. Some higher than others, and they also have the incredible quality of being able to be "charged" with higher frequency thoughts and vibrations. Think about that for a second. A substance that is already tuned into our highest and best good, can be uplifted to an even higher vibratory frequency through prayer and love, and then be applied to a human body. A substance that is already programed to sing it's goodness into the cells and cause physical healing, can be affected positively by Reiki, charged with positivity... no wonder the Bible is so chock full of essential oil quotes and uses. They knew the power of "to smear!!"

To smear or not to smear... that is the question..... TO SMEAR ... yup that is the answer. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If you want to take a look at some therapeutic grade oils please click here.

I hope you found this interesting!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Even Thoughts are Energy...

Even thoughts and feelings are an expression of energy. Isn't that wild? Before, many people thought that a thought or a word was just an expression of self. Many people never understood that there is a vibrational frequency of each expression that can be measured not only with scientific equipment today, but with the more highly sensitized HEF (human energy field). Ever just know someone was feeling down or entered a room in which an argument just happened and felt it, but there was no evidence of the event occurring? That is the incredibly sensitized HEF!
In our physical bodies all communication is electrical and energy fed in nature. Cellular communication, which is important in healing as we often talk about cellular memory; is handled through the nervous system and the endocrine system of our body. The nervous system sends out signals to the body that carry simple information. The endocrine system uses a compound called a ligand that is responsible for communication between cells.
Each cell has a receptor site. (Candace Pert is the specialist that has discovered receptor sites) The receptor site is the sentinel for the cell, the gate keeper so to speak. The receptor site says what gets in and what gets out of a cell. Ligands and receptor sites don't seem to work by mechanics alone, it is more of a process of communication through forms of energy like vibrations, magnetism, light and even sound... here is the fun part! If a ligand doesn't sing the right song to the receptor site of a cell, the door will not open. This is great! Our body is so particular, it is programmed to only allow the best and highest good and always seeks balance or homeostasis.
Now if the body has begun to break down due to stress, fatigue, poor diet, etc... sometimes the receptor sites of cells get clogged... like having a foggy brain. So with energy medicine we are working with the energetics around and inside of the body. When we give Reiki the relief comes because at the cellular level there is a beautiful sound being heard by the receptor sites that allows our body to function more optimally. Our very cells recognize the special song of our creator! How incredible is that??
Now here is a hint for anyone that lives or works with a person or group of people that have the "blues". When the thought patterns repeat no matter what they do and the down in the dumps feeling is so profound they can not seem to shake it, that is simply painful and we want to help. Energy medicine obviously sings a beautiful song to assist us with balancing our bodies in very incredible ways, and sometimes we must do more to support the healing process. In our world, if we have allowed the body to break down then we must at times supply it with supplements, high quality foods and the like to rebuild the body on a very physical level. Here is the hint: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil molecules act like a ligand in the human body (and with horses and dogs.) A ligand's responsibility is to carry information to the cells and communicate with our very DNA!
I have a teen that went through a very difficult 5 year period. They attempted to diagnose her with bi polar disorder and border line personality disorder among other things. I have an older teen that can succumb to fits of melancholy the likes of which could depress a saint sometimes. Ahhhh but I digress.... Aromatherapy has had alot of popularity in the past few years. Want to know why? Because when applied appropriately it really works! The scent of the proper essential oil can begin to change brain chemistry and a person only needs to smell it for it to begin to work. Application of Reiki has assisted a great deal in my sanity... oh I mean the sanity of my children ;0), however nothing and I mean this, NOTHING can help them turn around the attitudes and the melancholy like the scent of a pure grade essential oil. Here is how...
Diffusing oils in your home or work place automatically causes a chemical reaction within the body to lighten the mind and mood of everyone in the area. The tiny light weight molecules of the oil drift through the air and are given immediate access to the blood and brain causing physical changes to the body and uplifting the vibratory frequency of the entire human organism. You help someone just by scent, you don't even have to explain what your are doing or why, in fact if you are working with teens you might not want to tell them you are doing it for them, and just notice the changes in focus and mood. The truth is it happens whether they know about it or not, they may not understand why they feel better or more calm, but it goes a long, long way in supporting your loved ones with making physical chemical changes to help uplift their experience. Even wearing oils on yourself when around a "bluesy" kind of person can uplift them through the scent. Even better when you apply Reiki to the oils before anointing or diffusing into the air. (more on this in the next blog entry)

Voila... party in a bottle... well at least calm in a bottle.

Directors note: never heat or burn and essential oil, the heating process alters the chemical composition of the oil and the therapeutic effects might be lacking for you...

Hope you found this informational and even exciting. I just love the way the human body works when energy medicine and healing modalities are applied!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Everything is Energy!

Reiki is a system that was brought to light in the modern times by Mikao Usui, for many believe it has existed far into antiquity through the Indian vedas. In this day and age it is also considered energy medicine or energy healing. The fact that the global consciousness to a large part has begun to work with manifestation and the law of attraction, is definitely a recognition that healing will also follow along the lines of consciousness and or unconsciousness. It also illustrates that recognizing the "energetic nature" of our universe on a conscious level may open a person up to the understanding that they themselves are energy and perhaps energetic healing would assist them in their life.

Reiki is "energy", everything is energy! We are made of atoms... the energy that one atom harnesses when split is a nuclear bomb. All form and dimensions and energy is vibrating at specific rates. Some Rates are seen and some rates are unseen, but the natural laws are in place within the divine matrix of all of creation. This being said we are creators within the divine matrix of the Creator with free will and unconscious creation as well. Fun stuff!

So as a healing facilitator I believe, as many others believe that our vibrations can indeed be altered according to thought and deed, as well as intention. I also believe that the unconscious plays a great part in the manifestations of our own personal universe. WE are like radio towers tuned into specific frequencies of life. Depending on our life experiences and our knowledge we find ourselves tuned into certain levels of experience and energy. When a person would like to uplift their vibration they are often led to meditation, spending time in nature, and breathing techniques. In fact some are told just think positively.

Has anyone ever told you to just think positively when your bank account has been over drawn, you forgot to pay a bill, or the dogs vet bill is more than you have? Or how about when your relationship is breaking up, or when your lovely child has made a decision that affects the entire family without your knowledge? The words to just think positively can really fall flat in the face of the emotions that will emerge during these types of challenges. And what if these types of challenges have been your entire life experiences with only a few peaks and tons of valleys? How easy or natural will "thinking positively" come to you?

If it is true that what we resist persists, then many of us are in need of some serious acceptance in our lives, but how? Working with clients that are in this state of affairs causes one to consider some type of medium to help them feel just a little better. Not eating the whole meal of bliss to start off with, perhaps just a bite of the appetizer, because to be honest the whole meal is just too far a jump for some people. For the past 12 years I have used therapeutic grade essential oils successfully with my family, friends, and then with my clients. Here is the magic... they do not have to do anything. Many times people who are living in these types of challenging circumstances are simply worn out.

A drop on your hands rubbed together and inhaled takes 30 seconds, yet the effect is immediate when using oils that are meant to uplift mood, focus the mind, or relax the body. Transdermally the oil has already begun to flow through the circulatory system and create changes in the hormonal systems, aroma-therapeutically when inhaled it is taken directly into the limbic region of the brain and will release feel good hormones according to the memories of the pleasant scent. There is not too much alteration in the paradigm of healing here. Just the introduction of a nice citrus component or perhaps lavender. These are scents that are familiar to everyone and often times hold good memories for the client. The science behind this is indeed incredible!

Essential oils are the life blood of a plant. They carry out the necessary and vital functions of the plant. They move through the cell walls of plant membranes feeding the plant tissues and carrying the waste out. The molecule of an essential oil is very small in comparison to the molecule of a fatty oil (such as olive). The chemical chains of fatty oils are long when most essential oil chemical chains are ring like in structure and very compact. Why is this important? Because essential oils are already engineered to nourish and cleanse cells and tissues. Their molecules are so tiny that they move easily through the skin into the blood stream, made available to every vital system. A fatty oil stays on top of the skin and takes a much longer time to "soak" in. Therefore the client is supported from within, and through the support from the natural changes within the body it can enable them to feel just a little bit better, and that my friends is truly the beginning of a healing moment! When a person can begin to feel just a little better, they relax and make way for more incredible changes to happen.

The great thing is that this really works. We want to feel better, and if that can happen through simply smelling a natural substance that makes you feel good, well that is quite a user friendly version of healing that can be expanded in the future. And some of the people you will come into contact with will turn you off if you start talking about a process that makes them have to remember things that are alien to them or plan time out of their day for self care.

I am going to enjoy extolling the virtues of some of my favorite things! If you would like more information on therapeutic grade essential oils please click here.