Monday, January 5, 2009

Reiki, Anointing, Special!

Isn't she pretty???

Starting off this Monday morning with the kids back in school! That can put a zing into any one's day... well at least mine! Sometimes their thoughts crowd my mind so much I can't tell if a thought is mine or theirs. So I celebrate vacation while they are home for the fun, and I celebrate when they return to school for the quiet! Ahhhhh the blessed quiet. I wanted to share this dainty orchid picture with you, well because yellow is my favorite color... I just love the high and happy vibration of a bright and clear yellow! And this was her first time blooming for me... what a wonderful thing!

Speaking of vibrations.... what we learned from the last blog entry is that healing in a large part happens through the harmonic frequencies in and around our body. The hormonal communication with our very DNA through the lingands. We also learned that sometimes when the physical body has broken down through stress, emotions, poor diet, etc that we must supply it with physical supplementation and high vibration foods as well as energy medicine and techniques that help balance the system as a whole. It can certainly make lasting and permanent healing move a long at a quick pace when we apply our logic to all systems and "energy bodies" of the human organism.

With that in mind... moving right along to the conscious process of applying healing to the physical body ourselves.

Websters dictionary defines anoint as:

1 to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance

2 a to apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration b. b to choose by or as if by divine election also to designate as if by a ritual anointment

About 5-6 years after I became involved in the essential oils company that I love so much I decided to go out and buy up oils from other companies. I wanted to see if what I was using was really the highest and best for myself and my family. At one point I became fascinated with the essential oils of scripture and I even went looking in the Christian book stores in the area searching for the holy oils for anointing. What I found is that most oils were inferior. How do I know they were inferior? The scent mostly. You can tell alot from a therapeutic grade essential oil. I can take a huge deep whiff of a therapeutic grade oil and it moves over the olfactory system easily picking out all the different parts that make up the oil, just like fine wine. In many of the oils when I tried this I came out choking and sputtering with terrible headaches that sometimes lasted for 2-3 days. Needless to say I wasn't impressed, but I did keep the other oils around so that I could show people the differences.

The bookstore oils for anointing the body were a sore disappointment for me because they didn't even smell like the pure frankincense and sandalwood that I had come to love so deeply. Now that doesn't mean that those oils don't work for what they were created for. However some oils are perfume grade oil. Perfume grade oils have been altered by taking out certain components of the whole oil because they are looking for an "across the board" scent. In fact the perfume companies in Europe are responsible for much of the research done on essential oils... their research is done on components of oils but not very often has it been done on the whole complete unadulterated oil that our creator made for us. Again I digress.... Therefore a perfume grade oil most likely won't hold the important components for healing like therapeutic grade oil will.

Now for healing... as far as I am concerned I anoint myself with Reiki, Qi Gong, Essential Oils, Songs, Music... for me everything is an anointing right down to positive thoughts, prayer, and meditation. The one thing that many healers are aware of is that "tuning in" to the highest vibration of energy is a must, and has been taught to me in every method that I have trained in. Therapeutic Grade essential oils have different vibrations. Some higher than others, and they also have the incredible quality of being able to be "charged" with higher frequency thoughts and vibrations. Think about that for a second. A substance that is already tuned into our highest and best good, can be uplifted to an even higher vibratory frequency through prayer and love, and then be applied to a human body. A substance that is already programed to sing it's goodness into the cells and cause physical healing, can be affected positively by Reiki, charged with positivity... no wonder the Bible is so chock full of essential oil quotes and uses. They knew the power of "to smear!!"

To smear or not to smear... that is the question..... TO SMEAR ... yup that is the answer. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If you want to take a look at some therapeutic grade oils please click here.

I hope you found this interesting!

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