Friday, January 2, 2009

Everything is Energy!

Reiki is a system that was brought to light in the modern times by Mikao Usui, for many believe it has existed far into antiquity through the Indian vedas. In this day and age it is also considered energy medicine or energy healing. The fact that the global consciousness to a large part has begun to work with manifestation and the law of attraction, is definitely a recognition that healing will also follow along the lines of consciousness and or unconsciousness. It also illustrates that recognizing the "energetic nature" of our universe on a conscious level may open a person up to the understanding that they themselves are energy and perhaps energetic healing would assist them in their life.

Reiki is "energy", everything is energy! We are made of atoms... the energy that one atom harnesses when split is a nuclear bomb. All form and dimensions and energy is vibrating at specific rates. Some Rates are seen and some rates are unseen, but the natural laws are in place within the divine matrix of all of creation. This being said we are creators within the divine matrix of the Creator with free will and unconscious creation as well. Fun stuff!

So as a healing facilitator I believe, as many others believe that our vibrations can indeed be altered according to thought and deed, as well as intention. I also believe that the unconscious plays a great part in the manifestations of our own personal universe. WE are like radio towers tuned into specific frequencies of life. Depending on our life experiences and our knowledge we find ourselves tuned into certain levels of experience and energy. When a person would like to uplift their vibration they are often led to meditation, spending time in nature, and breathing techniques. In fact some are told just think positively.

Has anyone ever told you to just think positively when your bank account has been over drawn, you forgot to pay a bill, or the dogs vet bill is more than you have? Or how about when your relationship is breaking up, or when your lovely child has made a decision that affects the entire family without your knowledge? The words to just think positively can really fall flat in the face of the emotions that will emerge during these types of challenges. And what if these types of challenges have been your entire life experiences with only a few peaks and tons of valleys? How easy or natural will "thinking positively" come to you?

If it is true that what we resist persists, then many of us are in need of some serious acceptance in our lives, but how? Working with clients that are in this state of affairs causes one to consider some type of medium to help them feel just a little better. Not eating the whole meal of bliss to start off with, perhaps just a bite of the appetizer, because to be honest the whole meal is just too far a jump for some people. For the past 12 years I have used therapeutic grade essential oils successfully with my family, friends, and then with my clients. Here is the magic... they do not have to do anything. Many times people who are living in these types of challenging circumstances are simply worn out.

A drop on your hands rubbed together and inhaled takes 30 seconds, yet the effect is immediate when using oils that are meant to uplift mood, focus the mind, or relax the body. Transdermally the oil has already begun to flow through the circulatory system and create changes in the hormonal systems, aroma-therapeutically when inhaled it is taken directly into the limbic region of the brain and will release feel good hormones according to the memories of the pleasant scent. There is not too much alteration in the paradigm of healing here. Just the introduction of a nice citrus component or perhaps lavender. These are scents that are familiar to everyone and often times hold good memories for the client. The science behind this is indeed incredible!

Essential oils are the life blood of a plant. They carry out the necessary and vital functions of the plant. They move through the cell walls of plant membranes feeding the plant tissues and carrying the waste out. The molecule of an essential oil is very small in comparison to the molecule of a fatty oil (such as olive). The chemical chains of fatty oils are long when most essential oil chemical chains are ring like in structure and very compact. Why is this important? Because essential oils are already engineered to nourish and cleanse cells and tissues. Their molecules are so tiny that they move easily through the skin into the blood stream, made available to every vital system. A fatty oil stays on top of the skin and takes a much longer time to "soak" in. Therefore the client is supported from within, and through the support from the natural changes within the body it can enable them to feel just a little bit better, and that my friends is truly the beginning of a healing moment! When a person can begin to feel just a little better, they relax and make way for more incredible changes to happen.

The great thing is that this really works. We want to feel better, and if that can happen through simply smelling a natural substance that makes you feel good, well that is quite a user friendly version of healing that can be expanded in the future. And some of the people you will come into contact with will turn you off if you start talking about a process that makes them have to remember things that are alien to them or plan time out of their day for self care.

I am going to enjoy extolling the virtues of some of my favorite things! If you would like more information on therapeutic grade essential oils please click here.


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