Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyday Heros

I have a friend that works 12 hour shifts. She is able to work from home near her family and loved ones. No commute, no co-workers, no packing of lunches or getting up before dawn to rush out the door. What a slice of heaven right? Ah no, she hates her job... reminds herself and family often of this fact. Yet her bills are paid and her family is fed and warm, the blessings truly abound. Sometimes it is so easy to miss what is right in front of us! Interesting isn't it?

I have a friend, she has been infected with HIV for over 20 years now. Her neuropathy is so terrible I am sure that if she can even feel her feet it is only because it feels like white hot pins are stabbing the feet and legs. She has been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer for about 8 years now I believe, maybe more. Because of her disease process we can't even tell when something goes sky-woggled in her body, if the cause is really the cause. Recently she came out of a coma and is now on insulin injections 4 times daily. Do you know what my friends job is? Do you think she stays at home and bemoans her health status? She is an HIV educator, in fact she is summoned to congress when the Ryan White bill is under the microscope for funding purposes, and when congress calls you must go. She can be sick as a dog and pull herself up and do a keynote session for nurses and doctors right after being so sick none of us think she will stand up. That is her job... touching even one person is her passion... and over the years she has single-handedly saved hundreds if not thousands of people from despair. She is my hero! She might be your hero too... http://www.cathyrobinson.org/

I have a friend, her job is working in a specialties boutique for some women who's husbands were rich enough to give them a business. My friend is well trained in marketing and advertising, and yet she is selling high scale beads and purses to women who like to buy these novelties. Some people including her would think her situation is bad... but in these economic times she is grateful for the opportunity to work. Here is the kicker... my friend has a real job... one you might not know if you saw her on the street. It is taking care of her elderly mother. You see if my friend held a high paying position she would not have the time or the patience to deal with the dementia her mother is progressing through. She would not have the time to feed and dress her in the morning, to take her to church, to make sure her family is involved so that they have incredible memories while her mother is still lucid enough to recognize who everyone is, and even this is slowly drifting away. You see my friend doesn't understand the kind of gold her soul is being paid as it is forged on the kiln of life experience.

I have a friend who is a single mother of a troubled teen aged son. Everyday she gets up and goes to work in the health care field. Working to make a good life for herself and her son. Everyday she works to remain calm and balanced as her own soul is being forged on the kiln of the life experience of an out of control child. I think the hardest part of this entire experience is that often we look to the parent when the child is out of control. We forget each child just like each adult comes to the planet with their own individual plan to progress through. Yet she puts a mask on as she goes to work, calm, cool, and collected; while inside she feels as though she won't make it another second. This is a woman who has courage... to do the best she can each and everyday and to keep moving forward no matter what kind of curve balls her son throws her way... believe me there are a lot of curve balls here.

My point here is that often times we find ourselves in a position of wanting that very thing we do not have so that we can feel better. Not very often do we look at where we are and find acceptance and peace within it. These times in the world are testing and trying our resolve. The soul is being forged at a higher and higher heat for some. At a time when 11 million people have become jobless... hope is a commodity many people don't seem to have. Yet there is hope... in the blossom of a new flower, in the eyes of a new born, and mostly in the kindness that each of us have the opportunity to show and share with each other. The Reiki ideals give a recipe for those who wish to try it. For those willing to believe in themselves enough to know that things will indeed get better. They give us the opportunity to meditate on the words, to believe that worry and anger are not helpful, and to remind us that to be grateful is indeed the most positive thought practice in the law of attraction. They remind us of the unshakable golden rule of do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

  • Just for today do not worry

  • Just for today do not anger

  • Just for today do your work honestly

  • Just for today be thankful for your many blessings

  • Just for today be kind to every living thing

At this time in our world it is time to let the light of our true heart shine. To love those feeling the pain and despair, and to beam widely the unconditional love of the creator of our world toward those who can not find hope within their lives. Many people are spending a lot of time teaching and coaching about the law of attraction and sometimes this is so necessary and yet, when your belly is not fed and your kids are cold and you may not know if you have a place to live... kindness and love are the balms we need the most. I feel a calling from my own soul to be much more involved in healing on the global level and in doing so I must heal myself on that global level as well.

So I seek to be kinder than I have to be. To love more than necessary. To find patience when I have none at all. To share a meal or two with those less fortunate and to believe in myself so that I know how to believe in others as well. To remember that with Reiki I have a healing balm at my fingertips and that even though I understand suffering to be a perception there are still many that are living within that perception and they need our love and kindness. Change happens within us, and then our world changes the beat of it's drum to support our inner beauty. Let us embark on the deep inner healing, to find our blind spots and shine light upon them and forgive the unforgivable within us, so that we may lack judgement and find kindness for those in our world.


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