Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Try everything once!

Last night for the first time ever in an Introduction to Spiritualism class I tried table tipping. Those that know me would find it either ironic or hysterical that I didn't really believe anything would be happening with this so called "parlor" trick as so many of the informational posts on the Internet describe. The reason that they would find it ironic is all of my experience with discarnate/earthbound spirits... oy vey... another story for a different day.

Perhaps starting a bit more at the beginning of this endeavor I should make you aware that religion has always, and I do mean always, fascinated me. The ceremony and reverence I find to be so very comforting and the rules and judgements I find so very annoying... hey what can I say I am human. And yet there is a reality in my own life that has not been explained by any religious belief system until I began to study the religion, philosophy, and science of spiritualism. This is why I am taking this class, to find out what makes this young religion tick and how indeed they can call it a science... well let's just say I scoffed a long time about that particular belief! The religion of spiritualism at it's best is practiced simply to dispel the fear of death and to provide evidence that life indeed does continue after the change called death. Which I have been tuned in to since I was a young child... so you can indeed see where this is going!

Any hoo... last evening my name was called to "sit" at a table with my teacher and 2 other students. You place your hands very lightly on the top of the table and you quiet yourself, in attempt to connect with the highest and best good for yourself and everyone involved. Because I had never done table tipping before, well I was cracking jokes up the aisle to the table and I almost lost it during the "quiet" time. This isn't a new phenomena to me often times in the middle of a Reiki share I will burst out laughing when I am receiving Reiki... there is something that feels so comical about 6 Reiki practitioners standing around with their hands waving and working hard at healing me with serious faces... it makes me giggle almost every time! But I held my glee within me last night... yes indeed I did not burst out with a rancorous sounding laugh... and right when I thought nothing would happen.. bingo moving table.

My eyes immediately shot to the teacher... you know "parlor" tricks and all of that. What I saw was intriguing and I didn't have much time to process it as the table bounced around and landed in my lap. What I saw was three other people, like me barely touching a bouncing table. I had watched my teacher carry this little table into the room, no funky strings or anything. What I felt when first placing my hands upon the surface of the antique table was a vibration in the table top. Like electricity and I wondered if others felt it as well.

Well I was just a Little freaked out. Mental mediumship is far less "exciting" in some ways than the antics of physical mediumship. The logical mind was certainly on fire with trying to figure out what was occurring, how was I going to "debunk" this experience? All the while this thing is sitting in my lap. I am supposed to ask yes and no questions and find out if this is a guide or a family member. And because I don't know if my father or brother are alive I ask... the table swung back twice for a no each time. When asked it if was my grandmother well lets just say that table just sat in my lap. Apparently that is the signal for a yes answer and I found it interesting not only that there was indeed a vibration of deep and abiding love pouring through the table toward me like Reiki on some big supercharged steroids, but my mind instantly went blank.

This is the time to ask questions... DUH! So the experience went on. My body felt as though I was giving a huge Reiki treatment. I became hot like I do, almost to the sweating point when I am giving some pretty intense Reiki during a session. Time seemed to slow down, and to be honest I began to be caught up in the moment... you see all my caring about if it was true and if it was not true went out the window at the opportunity to believe just for one minute that indeed what I felt in the energy of love was coming from my grandmother and I was not going to allow dis-belief to ruin the possibility that it was true and the tears began to flow. Of course she was there to tell me to stop worrying about a job. OK fine... but it wasn't even the message that had come through the yes and no questions that mattered it was that incredible feeling of love.

You see I can understand how charlatans in this field can get inside people because people want so much to talk with their departed family members. I do indeed believe that people can be duped. And yet in the last 5 months I have discovered far more on point mediums than in my entire life and they are indeed good. The incredible thing is through my class I have learned about the early physical mediumship, such as the Fox sisters in Hydesville N.Y. that listened to rappings on the wall of the home they had moved into, and about 50 years later the story was proven to be convincingly true, yet they had been called and abused as charlatans for years.

After my turn was over I watched as the hearts of each person were opened as they were struck with pure and loving energy from the "spirit side of life". I can not deny that I watched my teachers hands for signs that she was pushing that table, and the interesting thing was how strong a couple of the spirits were. One woman's body shook with the force of the table landing in her lap. Tears flowed and hearts were opened. And true or false here I can honestly say... that I would rather believe that indeed in front of all of the people my grandmother did choose to use a table to remind me of the Reiki precept "just for today do not worry". I am uplifted and happy with that belief and honestly isn't that the purpose of belief?

People feel such grief at the passing of a loved one. To have an open door to undeniable communication either through a medium or through physical mediumship, like knocks on walls and table tipping; it gives the heart that can be open to the truth that our loved ones have not truly left us. It causes healing where only pain and suffering have endured for some. No matter what, being an aficionado of healing techniques, with years of healing service under my ample belt, healing happened last night. Undeniable heart healing. That is a gift. Our loved ones have only stepped out of the physical vehicle... they are still here loving and supporting us. That is the best gift ever!

I spent many years being terrified to try new things and let my spirit roam around this world finding it's joy. Try everything once is one of the best ideas I ever had... thank you for sharing this moment with me!



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