Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyday Miracles

It never ceases to amaze me how this moment slowly moves into the next moment and it becomes yes, this moment. If watching only this moment, sometimes after many moments, we recognize that a lifetime has emerged! Healing work is like this in a lot of ways for myself and my clients, and most likely for you as well.

I was working with a client this weekend and we realized that it has been a year since she started to see me... well almost a year. When she came to me she appeared a bit meek and extremely depressive. A hard outer exterior and devoid of much emotion... I believe that perhaps within her she felt only a modicum of hope as she made her appointment to see me. Sometimes our karmic lessons and our life contracts are large. It can seem as if the humanity and the compassion of God can not even touch us within the laws and lessons of life. For some of us that can be professional life, family life, and love relationships... whatever it is you know it when it hits you. This is the forging of the soul.

Every once in awhile I am gifted with the opportunity to watch a client do a 180 degree turn around. I love to work with the people that are fired up about making changes in their lives, and still willing to work within the fire of healing... when it is white hot, and hardest to remain in a state of courage and faith that this obstacle too shall pass. This woman is one of those people. Every one of us has an incredible light that we were meant to shine upon this planet. Some of us in big ways and some of us in smaller ways and yet each fire has the same weight.

What a pleasure it is to watch her recognize challenges and look at them deeply... releasing the fear about her emotions and the self judgement that she has a challenge that exists at all, means far less than the freedom that comes from doing such profound work. Once we realized how many moons it had been that we had been working together there was a special moment filled with AWE... with the silence of all that is, as we remembered her state of being at the moment of her first appointment. A miracle had been born within the moment drifting into the next moment... an entire year of healing had emerged. A history of old coats and hats, thoughts and beliefs that have been thrown out for a newer style, a healthier style.

As she left from this appointment with a greater sense of her accomplishments of the past year and her thoughts dwelling upon her healing goals for the new year to come, I told her how truly proud I am of her. For having the courage to face the monsters in her closets... and the monsters in her life. She said something that struck me then, "It couldn't have happened without you." She thanked me then and even though I understand that I am the face that the universe chose for the job that I do, it is her desire to return to balance and the light that caused her healing. It is her soul and the blessings of the universe that created such incredible healing. I am truly the gifted one to be in a position not only to witness the incredible healing but to learn and grow from it myself. I am filled with a sense of grace as I write this morning... because God has placed me within a profession in which miracles happen... each and everyday and I am allowed and honored to share in them as the children of the universe remember their own light and begin to shine it outwardly to uplift all of creation!


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