Saturday, January 3, 2009

Even Thoughts are Energy...

Even thoughts and feelings are an expression of energy. Isn't that wild? Before, many people thought that a thought or a word was just an expression of self. Many people never understood that there is a vibrational frequency of each expression that can be measured not only with scientific equipment today, but with the more highly sensitized HEF (human energy field). Ever just know someone was feeling down or entered a room in which an argument just happened and felt it, but there was no evidence of the event occurring? That is the incredibly sensitized HEF!
In our physical bodies all communication is electrical and energy fed in nature. Cellular communication, which is important in healing as we often talk about cellular memory; is handled through the nervous system and the endocrine system of our body. The nervous system sends out signals to the body that carry simple information. The endocrine system uses a compound called a ligand that is responsible for communication between cells.
Each cell has a receptor site. (Candace Pert is the specialist that has discovered receptor sites) The receptor site is the sentinel for the cell, the gate keeper so to speak. The receptor site says what gets in and what gets out of a cell. Ligands and receptor sites don't seem to work by mechanics alone, it is more of a process of communication through forms of energy like vibrations, magnetism, light and even sound... here is the fun part! If a ligand doesn't sing the right song to the receptor site of a cell, the door will not open. This is great! Our body is so particular, it is programmed to only allow the best and highest good and always seeks balance or homeostasis.
Now if the body has begun to break down due to stress, fatigue, poor diet, etc... sometimes the receptor sites of cells get clogged... like having a foggy brain. So with energy medicine we are working with the energetics around and inside of the body. When we give Reiki the relief comes because at the cellular level there is a beautiful sound being heard by the receptor sites that allows our body to function more optimally. Our very cells recognize the special song of our creator! How incredible is that??
Now here is a hint for anyone that lives or works with a person or group of people that have the "blues". When the thought patterns repeat no matter what they do and the down in the dumps feeling is so profound they can not seem to shake it, that is simply painful and we want to help. Energy medicine obviously sings a beautiful song to assist us with balancing our bodies in very incredible ways, and sometimes we must do more to support the healing process. In our world, if we have allowed the body to break down then we must at times supply it with supplements, high quality foods and the like to rebuild the body on a very physical level. Here is the hint: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil molecules act like a ligand in the human body (and with horses and dogs.) A ligand's responsibility is to carry information to the cells and communicate with our very DNA!
I have a teen that went through a very difficult 5 year period. They attempted to diagnose her with bi polar disorder and border line personality disorder among other things. I have an older teen that can succumb to fits of melancholy the likes of which could depress a saint sometimes. Ahhhh but I digress.... Aromatherapy has had alot of popularity in the past few years. Want to know why? Because when applied appropriately it really works! The scent of the proper essential oil can begin to change brain chemistry and a person only needs to smell it for it to begin to work. Application of Reiki has assisted a great deal in my sanity... oh I mean the sanity of my children ;0), however nothing and I mean this, NOTHING can help them turn around the attitudes and the melancholy like the scent of a pure grade essential oil. Here is how...
Diffusing oils in your home or work place automatically causes a chemical reaction within the body to lighten the mind and mood of everyone in the area. The tiny light weight molecules of the oil drift through the air and are given immediate access to the blood and brain causing physical changes to the body and uplifting the vibratory frequency of the entire human organism. You help someone just by scent, you don't even have to explain what your are doing or why, in fact if you are working with teens you might not want to tell them you are doing it for them, and just notice the changes in focus and mood. The truth is it happens whether they know about it or not, they may not understand why they feel better or more calm, but it goes a long, long way in supporting your loved ones with making physical chemical changes to help uplift their experience. Even wearing oils on yourself when around a "bluesy" kind of person can uplift them through the scent. Even better when you apply Reiki to the oils before anointing or diffusing into the air. (more on this in the next blog entry)

Voila... party in a bottle... well at least calm in a bottle.

Directors note: never heat or burn and essential oil, the heating process alters the chemical composition of the oil and the therapeutic effects might be lacking for you...

Hope you found this informational and even exciting. I just love the way the human body works when energy medicine and healing modalities are applied!


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