Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Once upon a time I was a know it all!

As I was sitting here getting the dregs out of my valor bottle this morning... I started to remember the first time I was introduced to essential oils. I thought they were snake oil, after all if it did not come out of a pill bottle what good was it anyway? At the time I had injured my back working as a nurse, it was 1998 or so, which meant I had been a nurse for only 2 years before my career might be over. I was taking vicodin for the pain and flexaril to relax the muscles. All that really happened was I slept a lot, but the pain didn't dissipate. At one point I had the violent side effect of attacking my partner at the time, vicodin for some people can bring out anger and rage tendencies. Sadly I was one of those people, luckily no one got hurt!

Pt was not helping, the meds were not helping, and sleeping just had me sleeping through my life and my young children's lives as well. I was miserable and the ice massage from that PT lady was driving me up a wall to boot. I was involved with a spiritual organization at the time and they swore by their essential oils. I scoffed, laughed, and made cracks about the way they smelled and the snake oil they were peddling to unsuspecting humans. (as if I knew a thing or two!) After all if it was not in a pill bottle it didn't work. If that stuff worked the medical community would embrace it and go with it, but alas the medical community in a large part denies the effectiveness of therapeutic grade essential oils and their efficacy for healing. And so I suffered... not too silently I might add!

I have to add here that at the time my mother had become a massage therapist a few years before this, and I had only had one or two treatments from her and they left me feeling broken and beaten the next day so I swore off all of that silly stuff! What I didn't understand is that the stress of being a single mom and going to nursing school had taken it's toll on me and my body... well that and the alcohol problem I had at the time. So during the massage the toxins moved into the blood stream and boy was I feeling them.... but I was too smart for that... massage was EVIL! I was certain.

So I was seriously in pain and didn't know how I would go back to work. One of my snake oily friends asked if she could put some oils on my back. "Sure," I said, "as long as you don't try any of that evil massage on me I already hurt enough." At this point my allopathic way of treating myself had gotten me no where. So I laid there and she dripped an oil on my back from above me. She didn't touch me she just let the oil sit there and some weird things started to happen. My vertebrae actually snapped back into place. Not just one but four different snaps crackles and pops I heard and I didn't even move. And even weider was that the pain decreased... no one had even touched me. That one oil she used that day was Valor, I placed my oil order immediately because the relief I had was so incredible that I had to find out more, plus who wants to have that much pain daily?

Since then I have used my oils for everything from strep throat to uplifting depression. What a cool memory to have on an over cast day while I attempt to get each and every tiny molecule of oil out of this bottle... lesson learned today... DON'T EVER LET MYSELF RUN OUT OF VALOR!

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