Friday, December 26, 2008

In The Silence

I realized that I needed time away today... the day after Christmas. Time away from words, and electromagnetic frequencies, people and walls... I needed time to listen to my Spirit. It was a perfect morning, if you can imagine, a beautiful deep blue morning sky with the sun shining gently down upon the dew covered earth, in Florida we have these morning gifts at this time of the year. I walked with my camera and began to notice the spider webs of all sizes and shapes with the dew glistening like diamonds, as if they were suspended in mid air by some incredible force... effortless. Painted into the world just for me to see. This picture is beautiful to me. It is a web that is not so perfect, not so equal or even... it is web that illustrates life in it's entirety. At one time this web was whole just as we all were when we were born... throughout our lives sometimes the web gets broken, yet the light at the center of it still exists and glows within the fabric of our own soul's creation. A gem creating the beauty that is our individuality... glistening through the dark nights of the soul and the glorious days of our Spirits.

Sometimes experiencing silence is the only way to hear our Spirits. Getting lost underneath responsibilities, wants and needs and desires of the important and not so important people in our lives, can drive us to distraction and to a disconnect with the one thing that keeps us sane and balanced. The soul desires connection at deeper and deeper levels these days, as our everyday existence is carved and molded by the hands of our creator and the tools of our soul. Each lesson and experience shining within the web of our lives just as the dew drops glisten in the morning sun... sharing the light with all who care to look. One day this web will flow away in the wind, never to be seen again... but for now it shines, and hangs on, and exists to the fullness of it's potential.

This morning I walked within the light of my creator, within the world that I share with each and every creation, each and every thought, love, and Spirit. My Qi Gong practice connected me with that web of life that we all share, it brought me gratitude through the energy and the graceful motions of my body. This morning I breathed and existed not in the place within my own mind, but within the one-ness of THE mind. My Spirit whispered intimate details of life and love and connection as I allowed the outer world to fall away. This is the Way of Reiki to me. Where no word or phrase can begin to describe the intimacy of the energy as it moves between myself and my world. From the wet dew upon my feet to the sun kissed moments that I sat drinking the warmth of the morning sun on my back. Everything exists to bring us even closer to the center of that web, to the light that dwells within all of us. If we only allow ourselves to drink in the exquisite silence.

May you be blessed and feel the complete love of our Creator...

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