Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For the past two months this beauty has called me from my twilight dreams into the conscious world... calling to me from outside my window. I find her breath taking. I was finally able to get close enough to take a few photos of her, this is the most majestic by far.

It makes sense indeed as I am making my intentions known to the universe for the up-coming year that the harbinger would be a hawk with the medicine message of "You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities."

This is the time of the year to be certain to take care of ourselves. Many healers are so much into the giving we forget to balance our outgoing energy with our incoming energy. Now more than ever as people all over are making plans for their New Year, there is an incredible amount of energy pointed toward new beginnings. When we create our own New Year intentions while riding this incredible wave of pure energy we tap into the goodness in each person and the innocence of hope. The purity of possibilities.

As we plan for the New Year and make the intentions for our goals, desires, and the humanity we desire to support; the heavens will open up to receive those bright and glittering sparks of our soul wishes and begin to rearrange itself for the highest and best good for all. And as the hawk for-tells, we must be ready, clear, and healthy so that what we intend comes from a source of authentic power from within our hearts.

The hawk also speaks of surveying our lives. Taking stock and viewing things globally so that we can be completely centered in the decisions we make. For me this is an incredible hint from the universe... not only am I being reminded that my inner strength and clarity is most important, but I am being reminded to be studious in locating the energy drains in my life and to deal with them accordingly, as I look into my future and create the me I want to be.

May your New Year be as Blessed as you are loved!

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