Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Day!

After walking away from my nursing career for the most part, about 5 years ago I really never wanted to return. I had been blessed enough to have opened my own massage and healing business, and was able to make my own hours and days of work while handling my daughters special needs at the time.
Now I find myself in the position that many people have had to endure. The business office had to be closed due to economical reasons, and I find myself once again in the market for a job. This morning I had a job interview at a local home health agency. From the moment I walked into this place I was made to feel welcome and that has not been my experience here in Florida. This is a faith based organization that certainly brings their beliefs into the work place to support their staff and clients. It was AMAZING!
Even though I practice a somewhat different perspective on religion and belief systems I found myself excited at the prospect of once again working with a team of people for the greater good. I find myself extremely homesick for a team of faith based people taking responsibility for themselves and their world in a calm, polite, and caring manner... what a breath of fresh air! Even a fresher breath as I had been loathing in some ways returning to the nursing industry after enjoying so many years working as a healer.
I remember years ago when I studied with a Guru in Ashland not understanding why some of the residents of the ashram were told that they must move back "into the world" finding jobs and new homes away from the life they had come to love so much. I now recognize the wisdom in that teaching. Sometimes we get very comfortable in a place and we forget, or at least we become desensitized to the "real" world and in that desensitization, as a healer, we can forget how intense the process of paradigm shifting can be for people who only live within the constraints of the "real world" rules and limitations.
Making the choice to close my business office was in some ways one of the hardest things I ever had to do after all it was a creation of myself... 5 years of work and learning and hope... and yet it was also a relief in some ways. A relief to let go of something that just was not meeting the mark. I had to remind myself that sometimes we must stumble and dig around in the dirt a few times before we can find our way back on our feet. I was clear that closing the business was a good business decision and I resisted the small tiny voices saying that I had in some way failed my community or myself.
What happened instead for me has been a glorious unfolding of incredible wisdom for as much as I worked to be there for my clients there were places in my own life that were not being tended. I have been given the gift of tending to myself and re-arranging my priorities. I have been given the gift of re-membering where most of my clients come from, and now I have the gift of being of service in a different way to the planet in the nursing industry. Today at least I am certainly thankful for my many blessings and for the hypnosis client I got a call from on my way out of that job interview... I haven't received a call in weeks. Sometimes we just have to move energy somewhere, anywhere; for energy to move everywhere within our own existence.
Today is full of beautiful reminders of the grace of life! Now it is time to do my Intro to Spiritualism class...

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