Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Healing Crisis... Why do I feel bad?

The beauty of healing modalities like Reiki is that they are so simple. In fact I have yet to come across a modality that is as simple as Reiki. The deep healing that comes along with such a profound system includes actual transformation of your living system which is at least a fine tuning of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reality. At most it is a complete healing encompassiong total system alignment resulting in greater health and well being.

The interesting part is that people just do not truly understand the way some healing works. When we are new to a path, no matter what the path is, there is a time of adjustment and self assessment. When opening the doorway to knowing the inner self and healing the inner turmoil many of us harbor within our minds and bodies it is time to make adjustments. The moment we realize that we are in need of healing many of us can envision sudden and complete healing, as if a magical wand is waived over our heads and things are simply; well, better!

After Reiki sessions you may have incredible feelings of openness, wonder, and bliss. You may notice that things that used to bother you no longer do. You may notice that life feels easier and things take on a much more beautiful elegant glow. You may notice that your aches and pains have eased and possibly disappeared! You may notice healings in relationships around you, or a desire to heal the relationships you are in. You may notice that your world is changing right before your eyes as you INTEND to usher wellbeing and happiness into your life.

Now picture if you can a bottle filled with water (that is you). Also picture hundreds of colored sands (these are emotions and experiences). When we come in to our lives we are much like the bottle of clear pure water... as our lives unfold, imagine pouring different colored sands in one after another. Our body doesn't really choose one experience over the other as good or bad to pay attention to; however it does begin to store these emotions and experiences as we begin to judge them. If you are really paying attention to this exercise you may begin to notice that the sands of our experiences and emotions start to compact together, so that the first experiences and emotions are in much deeper layers of our being than the more recent ones.

Reiki is like the hand that lifts up the bottle and begins to move it. Only the top layers will begin to move, grain by grain of sand... We might not be very conscious of the things we have stored inside our being. OR... We may be very conscious of what we are storing there as we have tried to ignore and overcome our past, and we may recognize what we have been doing is just not working.

After Reiki sessions you may also feel emotional, tired, angry, sad, or flu like. Infact there have been deep healings where people have become nauseated and run to the bathroom. Joints may ache more as the sands of our lives are disturbed and released from the body. You may not recognize yourself or the people in your life. You may suddenly not understand how your life is working or why you have the people in it that you do. These effects are just as natural and necessary as the effects that make you feel blissed out and in love with the world.

When we ask for health, healing, wellbeing, and happiness... we are asking for those things that are hurdles to that goal to be revealed to us. We are simply asking to be shown what is not working... and being given the opportunity to take steps to alter our path to a more harmonious one. This means dealing with how we want to feel and how we feel but do not want to feel. Reiki leaves no stone unturned.

I leave you with these thoughts and words to begin to possibly rekindle your desire for balance and grace through bodywork and healing modalities that offer you opportunities for growth. Happy New Year!



  1. Am enjoying your blog--I smiled when i saw it because we happened on the same template. This post reminds me of the healing that takes place when you go through the atunement process. For me, #2 was the hardest and my life went upsidedown for a while. I was glad I had lots of time between atunements and before becoming a master.