Sunday, June 13, 2010

Releasing Grief with Reiki

Grief comes in many forms, from loss of a favorite pendulum, to loss of a friendship, loss of a relationship, and loss through death... each level of loss holds it's own challenge and grace.

How we move through this is just as individual as each of us are. Some people busy themselves with tasks and some sit in silence bound by the tears that echo the devastation felt in their hearts.

The gift of Reiki is that no matter the style of grieving there is always a way to choose to accept healing and light into an experience that seems to lack just those kinds of gifts.

Many people hang on to the energy of their object of grief by continuously focussing on the loss. Difficult as it may sound, it is the releasing of the need for this energy that will begin to lift the spell of pain and sorrow for ourselves and all of the people involved.

When we allow ourselves to elevate our grief to a space of healing and self knowledge we can gracefully move through the need to hang on to other people's energy we have been using to fill ourselves; and learn to love the time we have had, and the new kind of relationship that is available to us as we allow the past to be the past and stop trying to breathe life into something that is robbing us of our peace.

Daily Reiki practice invites a receptive quality that is often pushed away in times of distress. Grief will most often cause a person to want to be isolated and protected.

Daily Reiki practice creates the foundation that people can use to move gently and honestly through loss and all the feelings that come with it. Offering a consistent, genuine, and loving option to diving into the depths of pain. If we find ourselves lost in the depths of our own pain, daily practice gives us the tools to be open to the guiding and loving light that Reiki represents.

Grief allows us to clearly see our lives, illuminating the good and the stagnant areas that we might not other wise be aware of. It allows us to surrender to the greater flow of life and to learn to ask for help. Grief can be a gift that encourages a balanced and healthy flow of friends and loved ones who take up the gauntlet for us as we heal.

Grief illuminates our own areas that need healing. These "blind spots" become evident all too easily. Choosing to be loving and sweet with ourselves with daily Reiki practice and weekly Reiki treatments can not only increase our sense of inner peace and love, it can strengthen our resolve to live freshly the life ahead of us.

Being aware of the need to release the energy of the loss and the people involved will assist you when you are setting the intentions for healing and for your life.

Being aware of the possibility that you are willing to learn from your relationships, come to peace with what has happened, and to forgive anything that feels negative or keeps you stuck in the past is a powerful boon to your personal healing.

Grief is as individual as our finger prints, it is necessary, it is healthy. When the experience of grief overpowers and superceeds the good or healthy experience of life it has become a hinderance to health. An increased awareness of grace, love, and forgiveness is necessary. When we cease to function we detract from our life, our light is hidden, and we suffer, feeling lost and alone. Reiki offers us a choice to prefer light, to prefer health... to grow through the good and challenging times.


  1. Lovely post! The crystal grid is very beautiful and the words very touching. "Grief illuminates our own areas that need healing" really resinated with me. Thank you for posting this...

  2. Joy often comes after sorrow, like morning after night.. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .