Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stop! Don't move!

I've been gifted with a couple days to spend with a friend.
It's amazing how being away from your normal environment
can make things feel more clear.

I have never been very good at making sure that
I am balanced with healing, working, cleaning, and relationships.
That is why I am such a planner.
Plus I need to plan things into my life to look forward to.

Opening my eyes this morning was a pleasure.
There was no where to go and nothing to do...
A sentence I often have used with my hypnosis clients. 
The reality for someone like me is that I
do need quiet solitude to get my thoughts
together and to claim the center of myself.

Always being in action and "doing" something is not
a completely healthy way to be for me.
Some people can not function in silence and stillness,
they just have to move and have to be doing something.
That is not the kind of girl I am.
For me to be healthy I need ample recharge time.

I spent 30 minutes this morning doing my self Reiki in utter silence.
I love that my heart center opened up wide and
just drank in the energy.
I also know that my friends will have breakfast ready at some point
and coffee that will taste spectacular.
The incredible thing about being able
to have time in a quiet space like this is how much insight
it gives me into my friends and their relationship with
eachother and with me.

It also gives me space around my head.
I know that sounds silly but empathic people have a habit
of hearing the thoughts and feelings of those closest
to them. 
So the actual air feels loud. 
It can also feel thick.
And it can feel confusing because the mistake can be made
that everything we feel is our own feeling.

So going away is like a re-boot to the system.
It puts things in perspective and
I get to hang out with some pretty incredible people.

I guess this is my way of saying
hey everyone slow down.
When you have a chance, stop creating things
to keep you busy.
Stop moving so much and be quiet.
Be slow and be deliberate.

Recently there was a murder of someone that
was a part of the Qi Gong foundation that I love
so much.  Someone put together a tribute video to her
Every photo was a reminder of her vibrance and her
dedication to her family and the people she worked with.
She really was beautiful inside and out.
Her life was taken at the tender age of 34.
The point is...
Stopping to smell the roses and enjoy them is
the only way to really get something out of my life.
Time to purposely plan some rest breaks in my life.
If I dont take care of me that way
I probably wont be much fun to be around!

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  1. Love you so much sweetheart, keep up the great work you do and then the great rest you need. Mom