Monday, May 25, 2009


Gosh, I really loved this weekend but especially today. I allowed myself to be with whatever my little heart desired. I allowed myself to feel as though my massage/healing work was play and was truly over joyed to spend some time of my day off nurturing another soul... getting paid was a bonus!
Working a daily job has taken me from the somewhat lazy... AHEM... life I led. Now I owned my own business and had a massage office and worked hard and sometimes not so hard... a lot of my work was worry about the bills and making ends meet... I am glad for that time to have passed. During this time I learned a lot about healing and facillitating safe spaces for my clients and I also learned a lot about advertising and how to set up sucessful business practice.
The one thing I didn't understand was the yumminess of life. I spent so much time following myself, my intentions, my integrity, and my bussiness around that I forgot to have some fun and take myself less seriously.
Stupendously it took making the decision to close my business and to free myself from all baggage and realtionships that are not serving me for me to find the yummi-ness within. Today was a yummy-day... filled with sunshine, pure water for drinking, meditative and breath work that comes from a tantric perspective, spending short but sweet time with my daughter, facillitating aromatherapeutic bodywork, and getting ready to finish an amazing and growth filled book... that was when the experience of yummi-ness really grasped me. Lying on my side in my bed gazing at the gorgeous green colors out side my window, the blue of the sky broken by the dancing clouds, and dappled sunlight filtering through the trees into my room.
I recognized this moment for what it was... complete and utter comfort... a moment that if I listened would chauffuer me into a deep sense of contentment. Soon I had laid down that beautiful book, laid down my busy mind at the alter of stillness... wrapped myself in my favorite soft blanket and drifted into a womb like state... 3 hours later I awoke refreshed and full of yummi-ness.
Working a daily job has given me back the yummi-ness of life... the utter acceptance of what is... the beauty of what it is like to take time that is meant just for myself and no one else... When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to drift into the womb-like stillness and be yummified?

I sure do encourage you to find a space of time, a day off or even a 20 minute segment of your busy day where you shut your door to the children and the bills and the spouse and the dog and the phone... and... and... and... and just relax... be... breathe... and yummify!

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