Monday, June 1, 2009


I have found that there is a great gift in teaching Reiki.

My gift is incredibly multi-dimensional.

It is change. It is health. It is the fluidity of the manifestestation

of energy within my life.

So often the teaching of a Reiki class is the jump off point for many changes and incredible opportunities in my life. I have realized that in teaching the ART class I opened myself up to the teaching and inspiriation of the Reiki energy and the special guides and angels I am so blessed to work with in a way that I never have before.

Being that willing to experience and allow the energy of Reiki and Spirit in my life has ushered me into the changes that are happeneing each day in my life.

Relationships are changing in my life. Most importantly the inner relationship with myself is changing and altering and has become somewhat mutable in a physical reality as my inner landscapes are altering and growing. My daughter has now graduated high school, our relationship is changing. My expectations of the kind of loving partnership I desire is becoming more clear, and therefore my relationship is changing. I am open to utilizing Reiki in my daily life through my working relationships with my co-workers, and thus I have changed as a nurse.

My relationship with my Spirit and Soul and my creator have again become so much more a focus of my life... spilling over into each corner and goal in my life. There is a certainty that exists in the stillness of the center of my being. The certainty guides me and moves me to eradicate those things that keep me from my path... from my soul reason for being here, and my human trembles at the challenges I face as everything changes while I follow the whispers of my heart and soul.

I know I have grown because even though my humanity wants to run from what is unknown... I have the courage to look the fear in the face and walk confidantly forward into a deeper more meaningful life path. Reiki echos within my soul the certainty that Spirit is not wrong, my soul is not wrong, and that as much as I am served, my world is served each time I choose my courage over my fear and inaction.
Cheers to all of you willing to follow your Spirit into the greater now!

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