Monday, August 10, 2009

Going deeper

As I sit here with my green smoothie... it has dawned on me that many people through out my life have thought that I was somewhat an extremist. I tend to dive into what I believe in and ask no questions, trusting that God has my back.

I have had quite a few friends and partners in the past that would call that sheer folly.... after all who devotes hours a day to yoga, Qi gong, meditation, prayer, teaching, journaling, and self healing? Who INDEED I say...

The point here is that many of the people that I have looked up to in my life, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, President Lincoln, Cathy Robinson Pickett Kilpatrick... and so many I can't even remember them all... they were willing to stand up for something... to be extremist in their beliefs. The world was changed by their ability to focus, to be extreme, to test themselves against the ebbs and flows of life and to touch people.

Green smoothie in hand, I can hear those people of my past say "Ewwww, who drinks their dinner?"

Well I do, sometimes... and everyday I endeavor to uncover the parts of me that have hidden in fear and shame since I was a child. I sit in a quiet space and allow my pain and my joy... if I have to be called anything I suppose that an extremist would be the greatest compliment I know.

I am ever so grateful that on August 15th the Usui Virtual Retreat will commence and I will find myself going even deeper within my soul than I give myself the opportunity to go on a daily basis. I will fall away from the spoken word, turn off my phones, and my computer unless I am listening to an uplifting radio show...

I will become even more simple, even more quiet, even more peaceful as I endeavor to hear my soul speak from the depths of my being. I will allow the hours of my work to be my service to the outside world and to endeavor to balance my spiritual world with my physical world. I will enter a dream time where the energies of the universe coalesce to create and even greater ability to accept and prefer health in my life.. I will fill my reservoir with Reiki and release all that I hold on to back into the flow of life.

I will be ever more present in the knowledge of myself and my relationship with Infinite Spirit....

How will you spent your Reiki retreat time?



  1. Many people think that it is normal to be an extremist at watching TV, going ot the bar or following a sport.