Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simply Healed...

I have been taking a new healing class recently...

I find myself wondering about all of the information that is being presented and what seems to be all of the rules that go along with this healing system. At a time in our society when stress levels are rising due to financial issues... keeping everything straight seems to be a way to create even more stress inside my life.
Now there are even rules to hands on healing.

I remember long ago when I began my Reiki path the most alluring and safe aspect of this new healing system was it's simplicity. The fact that I knew that Reiki could cause "no harm" was just the safety valve I needed at a time when I was supremely unsure of just about everything in my life... Reiki was indeed the one thing I could trust, all I had to do was show up with my hands and an open heart.

To this day the same thing applies to my life. Sure I have learned much more about Eastern meditative practice, breathwork, and energy systems and they have created life changing healing alone and when I apply Reiki to them, yet all I have to do is just show up with an open heart and the Reiki will flow each and everytime I want or need it to.
As I watch the people in my life running to keep up with the speed of their own thoughts, responsibilities, and percieved issues I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that the ability to know I can use my own hands to de-stress and to keep myself healthy is a boon beyond measure. Even more exciting and supportive is the truth that nothing is more user friendly and easy to give away to the people in my life that are most in need of a bit of peace or a safe place to release their own stress.
Reiki truly is a tool for life!

This, to me, is one of the most incredibly simple and "safe" healing systems out there. It is why I love to teach Reiki , because ANYONE can do it, ANYONE can feel better, and EVERYONE is always worthy of healing simply!

Isn't it time you allowed yourself to recieve some Reiki?

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