Friday, December 14, 2012

Spaces between

You know it is the moments in between yoga poses
The moments between the notes of a song
The moments when one song ends and another begins...
It is the spaces between the actions in the world
where growth takes place.

It isn't the being in love that is so much of a lesson as it is
the falling in love, 
the learning a partners love language,
the learning your own desires,
the silent time spent between understandings
and misunderstandings.
These are the things that cause the growth and the beauty within
us to expand...
and possibly it can not cause more growth than the loss of
something or someone you

In Reiki we can learn to apply it to everything.
In fact there isn't one single thing that you can not send Reiki to...
The idea is that anything is made of energy...
and Reiki is applied for the highest and best good of each and everything.
Some people believe that they know what their
highest and best good is.

There are people that go to psychics to learn about their future.
People who ask those who practice witchcraft to cast
spells of love and lust upon their hearts desire.
Those that pray to God to bring them the perfect love.
And some want Reiki to clear the way for
the perfect mate.

What most people don't understand is that it isn't the taking of the Reiki class
it isn't the sharing of the Reiki
it isn't the doing of the Reiki
the practice,
the contemplation,
the understanding,
it is not the action of Reiki that is for our highest good even though it 
might seem to be.

It is the space between this world and the energy of Reiki or any other modality
for that matter, that makes room for the magic of the expression
of growth and change.
You see we need the magic of belief
the magic of hope
the magic of love
the possibility of a far better experience of life to be open to 
letting go of what we know
 and being open to what might be,
and even more important... to being open to what we can not even imagine.

I've been teaching for the past 10 years or so that Reiki is like a muscle,
the more often you use it the stronger it is, and I do believe this to be true.
The belief in a thing is made far stronger by 3rd
dimensional action.
Due to this belief and the act of using Reiki in my daily life
it has enhanced all areas of my life to the point that I recognize
deeply within me the flow of life through everything I experience

We can not bring our hearts desire to us any sooner than we are ready for,
universal law supports this ,
and Reiki does too.
No matter what experience we would like to have,
we must always remember to create space within ourselves for the experience.

Recently I remembered that with the help of my guides.
I woke up last Sunday morning.
I was composing a letter and having a conversation in my mind even before I woke up.
The letter was meant for someone I had been spending
a little bit of time with.
Someone that I had truly enjoyed in a way I hadn't since I was much younger.
The conversation/letter was that I
was unable to spend any more time with this person.
For my sake.

I was compelled to send it off and I did before full consciousness
could stop the e-message from being sent.
You see my guides and my Spirit understood what my conscious mind
could not understand...
no matter what I wanted... this person in my life was not creating
a life supporting experience.
I believe this letter that I wrote was far more important for my life than
the simple act of letting go of one person.

I have often done what was better for others,
made choices regarding my heart and life according to what appeared to be best
for all of the people involved in my intimate life.
We do that for our family and partners.
Some of us do it to a degree that is not beneficial for our own well being.
I have often been that person.
Perhaps you have been too.

I believe that my own spirit and my guides got together while
I slept and made it clear to my heart that 
the time of self defeating relationships has come to an end.
Reiki has assisted me to do the kind of healing that has created a space now
in my life and in my heart to be ever more available to actually allow 
someone else deep inside the sweetest part of my heart.
It is a part of myself that I never believed would be touched again.

Even though that part of my heart was touched by someone that
didn't really understand what they were doing,
what I know is that there is now space in my life and heart
for my hearts desire to be attracted to me.

Reiki does a thing like that,
it takes these confused, broken, slightly damaged,
beautiful messes of
lives we have...
it invites us to believe and have hope,
and then it works on us,
heart, mind, and soul....
it works on us and things begin to shift and move while
we sleep.

Large chunks of things that aren't working,
things that should be in the past,
things that steal our peace...
they are swept away 
and luckily we get the awesome opportunity to meet ourselves...
our real selves
possibly for the first time.

Reiki has been the key working inside my life
for so long
I didn't even understand the depth
or the majesty of the 

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