Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Stories

This is going to be FUN!

I was talking to a friend today.
In a really cool relationship, you know the kind...
the ones that scare the crap out of you in the beginning and then you feel as if you have known this person for a million years....
you know what I mean
If not I hope you have the experience at some point in your life.

Said friend was in emotion about some
decisions that have to be made about care taking
elderly and somewhat
family members.
Fear can invade
not so easy sometimes the extra family that comes along with a relationship.

So anyway it reminded me of practical magic...
I know it's my fave movie, I can't help it if they had good lines.
So Sally says to her sister as she is considering
what to do about said absent beau.
"What would you do?"
Her sister replys,
"Oh Sal what wouldn't I do for the right guy?"

There it is... 
it's romantical right?
That's the feeling though if we allow ourselves to feel when we are deeply touched by someone.  When we can't imagine our lives without them.
When we think of them, want to be with them, want to experience the world with them.

Once a lover flew over 2000 miles with a ring and an idea of forever,
landed on my door step and I said of course....
one of the most romantic things EVER!
FOND memories of that day, I'd met the one!
One time I was so sprung for someone that I bought tickets to a Melissa Ethridge concert
made an entire box of cake and only baked one cupcake,
frosted it, stuck a candle in it,
picked my crush up, went to the concert,
and before we left the car lit the candle and said
Happy Birthday.
That was just for a crush!

I had a boy friend in highschool that would make me tapes of his favorite music.
I had a boyfriend that walked 3 miles one way to visit me almost daily.
I have turned a screened room into a resturant atmosphere
and shared poetry.

I have given incredible massages lasting for hours just to relieve my partners stress.
I have planned picnics,
Made love on the side of a river,
I have written my feelings on parchment and embossed them in gold
so they would be forever available.
I have run baths and added oils,
Baked cookies, made favorite meals,
taken walks along wooded trails.
I have spent time camping
being loved under the treetops in God's land.

Spent long hours swimming and kissing and swimming some more.
I have studied the sacred texts of love making
you figure that out!

I have made love on rose petals, even caught a pillow on fire accidentally!
I have stayed up into the wee hours holding someone so they could cry their pain out.
I have been strong and trusted in my love when it seemed my life was falling apart.
I have reached down deeply and stood in power and authority and passion
when my partner felt weak.

I have cried and dealt with the loss of the one.

See What wouldn't I do?
For the right one?
It may always seem like each person IS the right one,
I treat them as if this is true.
Because they deserve it, and so do I.
Logic is a great tool...
it makes little sense when applied to love and passionate subjects.
We need it at times if things take a freaky turn...
I LOVE LOVE, it's true!

My life would have been pretty bland without these experiences.
Pretty empty.

So here is the point....
If you have love...
If you really have love,
there is always a way.
Fear only comes to challenge
how much we are willing to love.

The passionate nights under the stars, in the woods,
at home,
in the office,
wont happen if we waste all of our time applying logic to
every aspect of those we love.

If you think someone is not right for you
then do what you have to do.
Just try not to let fear win out
when its Love in the balance...
Love is really the thing we have that is all ours,
to feel,
to experience,
to give,
to recieve.

For those of you hiding from Love
STOP playing small and 
LOVE someone!
And to my friend that I love dearly...