Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soul Retreats

For the past couple of weeks without really being aware of it... Spirit, my soul, and my life have been calling me to a place of inner calm and quiet...
to a place of retreat.

It's one of the busiest times of the year.
Family, food, travel....
TO DO lists of all kinds.
Yet I am being called to remove myself from the hectic parts of life in the 
time of the year most people want the most from us.

If I am honest with myself, and you...
I am usually called this time of the year to begin to get my life in order.
To begin to contemplate the new year,
to discover what I want to bring into my life 
with the promise of renewal.
 For me this is a largely singular path.
I do not have a life partner with which to plan the big things in life.
Which all in all isn't so bad.
It means that I am able to sink deeply into who and what I am and really take a look at myself and my life...
once again; 
it's not so bad.

There was a time that I would be panicking to be visualizing my life
without a significant other in it...
Alas this isn't the path I walk right now so in many ways
I haven't been here before.
Scary eh?
It could be if I chose to listen to that side of things,
I'm actually more interested in what I may find
standing on my own
just like the turtle above.
He has manatee to the left and right of him in this picture,
yet he is shining his brightest energy
by just being present in the sun,
 solidly standing on his branch.

So here I am,
taking time away from facebook and telephones, and texting...
do you remember the world when there wasn't some bell or reminder going off?
Or how about the feeling that you aren't being seen if someone isn't texting you or reading your facebook page, or any social media for that matter.
Which is definitely another story for another time.
 So here I am.
Coming up for air for the first time in months it feels like.
Studying anything that is not mundane.
Using Reiki for 2 and 3 hours at a time.
Practicing Tantra to remind myself I am alive.
Visiting my favorite state park. 
Planning to invite a few friends for x-thegame near Winter Solstice.
Annointing with oil again and again....
journaling, meditating, staying quiet...
meeting myself again.
And apparently blogging just because I felt like it.
If you are being asked to take a step back it is time to do it...
believe me it is worth the time and effort...
the new year comes whether we are prepared or not.
This year I plan to be as magically and fruitfully prepared as I can be.
Reiki Blessings my friends!

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