Friday, September 13, 2013

I love the quote that says
"Live like someone left the gate open!"

I've had some interesting inquiries regarding how to use Reiki in personal relationships recently.
The thing I find the most interesting is that my answer doesn't 
immediately come from the Reiki precepts or the symbols, or even specific Reiki training.
My answer comes from the golden rule
My answer comes from years of personal work
My answer comes from forgiveness
My answer comes from understanding that behaviors good and not so good come from
previous personal experiences, 
we can not honestly know what has shaped people,
what they have been through, nor can we always expect them to understand
that they are being unkind; 
the people we share our lives with are doing the best they can just like we are,
and if someone holds an attitude that says other people are not doing the best they can...
well; I challenge
those people to stop worrying about the actions of others and get real about
your own shortcomings, 
we all have them.

Using Reiki to assist personal relationship healing is a fabulous way
to help create harmony, peace, and increase loving partnerships.
Reiki can not be measured or quantified or defined, 
therefore its workings are limitless and boundless.
And I can not say enough about doing your own WORK!

Freedom comes not from stepping on people or needing to puff up our egos to feel
good about ourselves.   
Real freedom comes from looking
at all the ways that the EGO attempts to take front stage in relationships,
and understanding
that EGO causes the insanity that demands attention and having everything our own way.
We can't change anyone else...

Reiki is not the magic pill that we use on our family, friends, or partner to "fix"
them or us.  Reiki is a tool that helps us to find
balance within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.
What a gift!

If you have come to me asking how to stop griping at your loved ones, 
judging people, how to feel worthy of love,
how to not be in repeated relationships that belittle you...


Reiki can help you 
there is not an easy pill or prescription or one time fix to these issues.
It takes discipline and daily attention to watch what it is in you that invites some
of these behaviors.  It takes always looking at ourselves first and then taking ACTION
to make changes and forgive all the reasons we act in ways we aren't
proud of.
And loving others means we don't arbitrarily assume they are terrible people
because they are exhibiting bad behavior.  We take a moment out of the emotional
junk long enough to remember we love this person, then we apply LOGIC
to the situation.

That doesn't mean lie down and take it, but it does mean
diffusing emotion, doing our work regarding how we feel about the issue, and then deciding
if it really is about the other person or not.
Projection is a huge weapon that can inflict unresolvable wounds.

My loves,
do your daily Reiki precepts,
be aware of your own thoughts and energy,
be responsible for your words and deeds,
understand words and attitudes do wound others,
find a balance between personal work and personal play,
be sure that if you are going to deal with an issue that it is truly worth it,
use your symbols,
especially your distance symbol
to work on memories and thoughts that cause you pain and stress;
and remember if your own mind is out of control with repeating thoughts, worry, repetative stress
that isn't your child's, lover's, friend's, or family's fault,
it is your own, because you are not doing what it takes to calm those
thoughts and behaviors; 
so don't take it out on other people and if you do slip up and wound someone
be very generous with apologies and
even more generous with getting your own stuff together.
There is no free ride in 
living a conscious, loving, incredible life.

If you want to 
"Live like someone left the gate open"
Get real, stop the behaviors, make ammends,
get to work on your personal stuff,
and ALWAYS choose love my dears,
choose love!

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  1. As always, Tara, well written and profound!