Thursday, August 22, 2013

I don't know if I will ever get used to  the synchronicities that
come with living a conscious healing filled life.

I Learned Reiki In the year 2000, that has been 13 years ago.
I spent the past 4 to 5 years less involved with Reiki...
I really never thought that would happen.

What I didn't understand as I waded through the trials and tribulations of the last few years
was that I had been working so deeply with Reiki for so many years
to be a beacon of light to others, focussed outside of myself and on the healing of others
that in a large way I forgot me.

Even though I utilized Reiki in my daily life my teaching schedule slowed down considerably,
my focus was on survival and I didn't seem to be able to 
grasp much more than that.  All the while I asked myself in the dark recesses of my mind
when not even I was listening, what indeed was going on?

At this point in my evolution I have come to the understanding that if I am to offer myself
in service to the world I have to balance my own care even more carefully than I 
have in the past.
That there can indeed be no excuse and far less laziness involved in my life
toward my own care.

That means saying no
It means weighing what I spend my energy and time on,
and making sure it serves me and my family.
It means boundaries with friends and family,
It means getting straight with money, time, health, food, basically everything.
It means supporting myself in my own good and supporting
others in knowing that they are
handling their lives just fine!

We have to remind ourselves that our own lives are our business,
when I work with another person their healing is indeed their business, not mine.
Facillitating healing means that I offer what I can...
then I release.
Release my own thoughts, feelings, opinions regarding my clients.
That I do my own work and deal with my own short comings.

Not long after I was reminded of this I began doing Reiki sessions again,
I began coaching again, and recently
have done more massage than I have in a long time.
I feel my life becoming more balanced and I 
feel myself coming out of the survival attitude and actions into 
a more powerful self empowered awareness.

I suppose I needed to spend some time int he swamps so that when it
was time to emerge I would recognize at even
more deep and intimate levels the love and good available
to me.

Nothing but good comes of this,
and the lessons of application of Reiki and
consciousness toward our own lives
most likely will remain never ending for me.

I feel that I have somehow graduated to a more mature understanding of Reiki
maybe a more mature understanding of life...
Definitely a more mature love of my life.
I am thankful beyond belief for those that I find in my life, thankful for those that have moved on, and deeply thankful how My Creotor and Reiki show up in the faces and places in my life
to remind me of my own divinity and the need to 
be aware and awake in my life.
It's the only way I can truly be ready to serve another person!!!


  1. Bravo Tara! Life is grand my fellow June 9ther..and what a miraculous process, this gift called life! thank you for all your wonderful posts. They are right on and I love the funnies.
    I find it interesting to watch your life as it seems to paralel mine in so many ways at this time. Continued love and happiness for you!
    Peace, Claudia Iris

  2. Claudia you are wonderful!!! Thanks for reading!!! Blessings
    Love to you and yours!