Saturday, July 27, 2013

Listen With Your Heart!

 Isn't it interesting how the moments of our lives fit together to make a unique tapestry that can either
tell the story of all the glorious and beautiful moments of a life
It can illustrate pain and delusion and loss
depending on where we focus our heart?

It has taken me years and years and hundreds of hours of introspection and 
therapy to loosen that hold on my mind
and I still catch myself defining myself by my pain at times.
Our society does that.
We aren't taught to come together in joy, health, and balance
by our mentors for the most part.
Many of us have been taught by family that has been molded by their
own tragedy's to be there for each other when something goes awry.
What about the rest of the time, 
even our schools teach about atrocity, suffering, genocide...
I understand the need to educate about these things,,
yet many of us were never even given a glimpse of an antenna to feel,
notice, or seek joy.

 This picture is one of my favorites, my sweetheart doesn't really understand why.
I think she looks introspective, a bit serious, as her
wonderful doggy looks on from the corner.
She's surrounded by her favorite place and
I love the way she seeks happiness in her life, even as the sun rises to meet her.
She truly is one of the most powerful people I have ever met.

I've had many people in my life, people that have inspired me, 
people I have learned from and learned because of...
and the woman in this picture may just
be my biggest hero.

Not because she is someone who studies sacred texts,
eats organic and sustainable, meditates 10 hours a day, or can turn
herself into a tasty pretzel doing yoga...
nope she doesn't do any of that (right now).

She may be my biggest hero because she looks for
the good, joy, and fun in each day.  Because she absolutely recognizes
her own limitations and is honest about them, and
because she chooses not to let them define her.
Because no matter what she has been through she has an ineffable
understanding of herself that says 
"I can do anything and everything I want to do and no one can stop me!"
She is my hero because she saves little tiny fluffball doggies
from the mean streets of Orlando, because
she brings home organic eggs for me,
because she is so certain of her love for me she is a formidable force
of steadfastness that I can anchor to.
Because she loves God and believes in Karma 
and makes no apologies for herself unless really necessary and
takes responsibility for her actions good and not so good.

Because she laughs at my serious side,
because she laughs at my worries,
because she sees who I am when I don't.

Mostly though She may be my hero
because I have become so much better at listening with my own heart.
So much better at forgiving myself and others,
so much more able to choose love over fear.
She is fearless is so much of who she is and how she meets the world,
I can only hope to learn some of that from her.

So to me no Guru, lama, spiritual teacher, or reverend has
a higher place in my mind or heart.
No spiritual teaching, no new process,
nothing to me is more Spiritual than watching my sweetheart
meet life and it's challenges raw and real everyday.
There is such beauty in someone
like her that sometimes 
I feel like my heart is growing bigger and bigger and
it may not be contained within me
any longer.

Below is how  I see her everyday.
It's how she meets the world and I am so incredibly
thankful to be a part of that.
Joy is a daily part of my life and I love that I can share that
with her and that she is so great at 
teaching me more!!

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