Saturday, March 28, 2009

Staying Centered

Sometimes when I go to the beach I enjoy watching the sandpipers along the shoreline. They run and dart away from the waves while searching for yummy tid bits in the wet sand.

Some might think they live a reactive life... always running away from the waves. And yet they know the great truth that waves come and go... and they have to work within that truth if they want to get the food they need to survive.

Recently a student asked me how I can keep my center while working as a nurse and dealing with so many people on a daily basis, and personally I thought this was a great question because it came after a particularly challenging day in the office I am currently working in.

What I told her about being "sensitive" and this means energetically, is that if we believe that we are fragile because we are empathic or energetically sensitive then we believe that our environments can affect us negatively. It is in a way giving permission for someone else to have control over us.

Feelings and emotions in my belief are tools that the my Spirit uses to talk to me. When I am feeling happy, peaceful, powerful, and downright amazing then I am in line with what my Spirit and higher consciousness want for me. If I am feeling grumpy, grouchy, angry, and victimy... well then I am not standing in my Spirit Light and it is my clue to find out where I stumbled and do the work to put myself back in line with what is for my highest and best good.

Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to kick a certain doctor in the pants for being a brat the other day... that is my human side... or the fact that I gave up two days of my precious energy in a state of worry and contamination of my heart because of said doctor who may just need a kick in his pants.... and yet even that is giving away power to the bratty doctor!

The real truth is that due to the environmentment and being placed in a situation that I had not been trained for I lost my center and invited in this experience to remind me a couple of things:
  • No man or woman can hold power or dominion over my own thoughts ONLY I can.
  • Knowing a million spiritual truths and being trained in many modalities does a body no good if you don't get off your pity pot and USE them.
  • NO JOB is given or taken away by a man or a woman... our creator leads us to different experiences through many types of mediums.
  • NO man or woman decides WHO or WHAT I am or what I am capable of.

Like the sandpiper we can choose to be reactive to the waves of experiences in our lives, or we can move within the deeper truth that the waves come and go eternally, and it is our responsibility to remember who we are and what we stand for what ever wave comes our way. I am not working for Doctor Bratty Pants, I am working for a much higher authority. Coming back to that truth daily is the best way I know to keep my center and to remember that being a nurse in an office 40-50 hours a week is NOT my REAL job...

What is your real job?

Have a stupendous weekend!

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