Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Way of Reiki

The Way of Reiki... is the moment when you stop "doing" Reiki and you are aware of the lack of separation between you and this infinite experience of universally guided energy.

For me Reiki is an extension of the deep inner well that we are all aware of at times. Reiki happens to be one of my favorite ways to re-emerge into my world, fully refreshed and new, like a spring bloom.

Some believe that Reiki is a modality to be practiced when there is an imbalance in the human energy field. Something to "do" to undo the imbalance and lack of perception we run into as we live our human lives. Reiki for these people will tend to be placed on the back shelf and forgotten until that moment when the physical and sometimes emotional suffering seems to be greater than the practitioner, suddenly Reiki is remembered and illumined in those moments as a tool for freedom and relief.

For some Reiki has become something they chose to learn to help other people. The focus is so outside of themselves that the only time they remember this amazing tool is when someone they care for is in jeapordy.

For some, Reiki and it's principles have become a way of life. A new way to look at our world and experience it with new and forgiving eyes. To allow what is, to be... to allow all things to flow through our experience and remain the hollow reed. To let go of the good and bad judgements and to seek love, peace, harmony, and service each day. Reiki has helped to shape my life and my beliefs about myself and my happiness because of this. I only "forget" about this tool when I have cut myself off from the infinite connection of everything.

I practice Reiki on a daily basis. Self Reiki is so important in my life that I would feel blind or handicapped if it somehow was extracted from my experience. Each morning before work I do the techniques I have taught my students. I recognise the flow of energy into and out of my life, I find something to be greatful for, and I go about my day with glimpses of connected consciousness peaking through my work duties.

Yet, even in this I find myself forgetting to use many of the most powerful aspects of Reiki. I sometimes forget to appy Reiki to the challenging situations in my life, sometimes I forget to share Reiki with my family and friends, sometimes I forget to apply Reiki to my workspace and all of the people there, sometimes I simply forget the incredible tool I have in my life.
That is the gift of The Way of Reiki... that even though I have been a Reiki Master for 9 years now, teaching and sharing the infinite ways of how Reiki can make a huge difference in a person's life... I am still yet a student of the ways that Reiki can support and illumine my life!

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