Monday, July 16, 2012

What do you bring to bed?

 First I want to say that the art on this page was done by one of my favorite artists, her name is Julia Watkins and she does incredibly beautiful work!

The great thing about her work is that she incorporates the movement of energy around her subjects and allows us to see what we are mostly unable to see with the naked eye, no pun intended.
The artwork below here really shows how the energetic fields of ourselves and our lovers become
intertwined and surround and move through us together.
Imagine then how important it is to keep your personal energy field as pristine as possible.
In our field of energy all things about us exist.
How we think about ourselves, our issues, our hopes and fears,
our joys and our angers.
If we judge, love, tolerate, wonder, or obsess about our partner, it 
is absolutely right there in our energy field.
For that matter anything that affects us lives within this subtle energy field and it can pollute
not only our personal energy field but also that of our partner.

The way to work with this is to have a daily practice that keeps you as energetically
healthy as possible.
That means eating foods that are healthy and life affirming like fruits and vegetables.
This also means not judging ourselves for what we eat,
or if we make a mistake in healthy choices.
It means doing your personal work and not being lazy.
It is far to easy to put off until tomorrow what we can do today.  
If depression, sadness, pain, fatigue, and bad attitude plague you
it is probably time to get real about your energy and your life style.
If you care for your partner and your relationship
this is just as necessary as brushing your teeth or changing the oil in your car.

The drawing below is just another example of how our energy fields affect one another.
Becoming physically intimate is an important step in a relationship and deserves just as much fore thought and time as deciding what new television or car to buy.

Being intimate with someone that you love is a gift, it is a mixing of your energy and their energy.
If we bring our bad day, argument with a boss, misunderstanding of a friend, or stress of
our family into this Holy and intimate experience we are in essence dumping our garbage in our partners energy field.

Before you argue with me just think back to the last time things were difficult and you chose to make love to your partner... you probably felt great, nice and relaxed... maybe even drifted off to sleep.
And most likely your partner was not thrilled with the experience, may have felt poorly, and most possibly could not easily fall asleep, and even more sad; it might be that your partner walked away
with the feeling that something was wrong, but just could not put their finger on it.

It is our responsibility as sexual beings to put our partners before us and do our best to make sure that we are bringing loving, healthy, juicy thoughts and energy to them before we make love to them.
Face it,
We have enough drama and pain in the world,
why bring it home to the people we love the most?
Do your Reiki,
And loving from a healthy persepctive...

I'm sure that your partner will notice!

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